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white spots.. what does it mean???

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by mikemirve, Aug 1, 2009.


    mikemirve Member

    hello! my plant has been in a hydroponic system for about 2 weeks from when i got it as a clone.. a bunch of little white spots started to appear.. what does it mean? how can i fix this? thank you for your help!

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    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    check for spider mites under the leaves. use your jewelers loupe so you can see them.
    or check for powdery mildew

    morrisgreenberg Well-Known Member

    those look like thrips, do they look like a snails trail? silver in color?they suck the chlorophyl out the plant. they are a pain in the ass to get rid of, soap only kills the adults and they lay eggs in soil, but your in rw and clay, so im not so sure, anyhows foxfarms makes a spray called "dont bug me" aside from rotenone pyrthrins which is very harsh but effective, get the dont bug me, it has pyrithrium in it and doesnt have a hardcore chem smell, works great on all my outdoor tomatoes and cucumbers, you can feel safe applying to edibles

    mikemirve Member

    i think it might be the spider mites, the white spots do not look like snail trails.. thanks for the help guys any more would be very helpful

    Earl Well-Known Member

    Get some pyrethrin from the hydro store
    or you can go to the drug store and get bed lice spray.

    Spray under the leaves to kill the eggs.
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    mikemirve Member

    also how are the plants looking ok?

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