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White spots on fan leaves? anyone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by smokebigbudz, Jan 23, 2008.


    smokebigbudz Active Member

    Hey guys I have 12 og kush clones in veg week 5 and they are in fox farm ocean forest soil mix, in 1 gallon planters, watered every three days, water ph brought down to 6.5, 2 metal halides at 400 w each, every 4 waterings bat guano tea, now my MAIN problem is white spots on the fan leaves, they seem like they are blended with the leave it self unable to be wiped off, is this a deficiency? It recently just happened within the week, 2 waterings ago I added guano tea they seemed to like that how often is that ok to add. Are these white spots an issue?:joint: Thanks for the feed back guys:blsmoke:

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    katfishjohn Active Member

    First of all your pics suck man.. get a better camera.. from waht i can see you for sure have some nutrient problems.. I dont think its super serious though. overall you have a pretty sweet garden. so the white spots wont wipe off? I would think then that its not powdery mildew or any type of fungi problem. and for sure not insects.. so what could it be? its not a stain.. I need to see it better to make any sort of diaganosis.. best of luck to you and let me know if you can get a better shot of those.. and or.. if your problems get worse..

    illmadik79 Active Member

    first thing i would wonder is temp. i read that when the temp drops o low they get those spots. i had em on my plants i raised the temp adjusting my exhausted light by not attaching the vent to good so it stays a lil warmer also get jorge cervantes book it has good info

    dankforall New Member

    It could be magnesiun or zinc defincienies.

    faction Active Member

    If you could post better pic's maybe we could help hard to see the problem at hand.

    YaK just some guy

    His pictures do suck, I have white spots on a plant, and it COULD be insects, according to this .... International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles!

    my white spots would not rub off either, but that link said they could be caused by thrips sucking the life and chlorofyl out of the plants leaves. to this day I cannot find any insects on it, and I bought a 30 power microscope.

    but his could be thrips... who knows. Hard to tell from shit pictures anyhow.

    I hope you find what the fuck it is, because it may be the same thing that one of my plants has.

    smokebigbudz Active Member

    sorry about the crappy pics, camera phones do that, ill get some slr pics on here. Thanks for trying guys

    truerasta420 Active Member

    Jon ur lazy here are the new pictures.

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    McSmokin Active Member

    Looks like a PH problem, just keep treating your water and it should go away. Or mabey you can try a trick that I use, U just leave a propane torch on inside your grow room for about 12 hours a day. I mean, what could go wrong?? right??

    smokebigbudz Active Member

    ahaha propane

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