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White Russian Flowering how many weeks

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by rojon, Mar 28, 2008.


    rojon Active Member

    Hiya folks, I have grown white russian succesfully a couple of times. I have however cropped them at 7 weeks, as on the 70/30 brown/white ratio they have been ready. Although i cannot moan about the yield i feel they cudda been better. I am wondering how long any of you other folks let them go for and if longer than 7 how long. Plus does this make them fatten up tonnes more at little detriment to the strength. Or does it only bulk a little more and not make it worth the wait? I have 2 in flower at the mo around 4 weeks in for one and 2 for the other.

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    rojon Active Member

    well in answer to my own question i shall post a couple of pics. One on the left is 49 days today the right is 38 days.:roll:

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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    sexy as fucking hellwhat was ur light strength , nutes, and how did u finish , jsut water.. 2 days at the end for dark ? yeeeeiiiilllldddddddd?????? per plant pleasse

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    to know the anwser to those questions too.I currenty have 2 in flower at about 2 weeks.First time with the white russian so Im curious.Yours look nice!!!hope mine look that good.

    Blunted247 Active Member

    i grew out WR from serious seeds.......had 2 of them and each was a diff pheno type.....one was dominant white widow and the other dominant ak.......

    i wanna see some pix of ur finished crops if u have any....just to compare n see what im workin with.

    right now the red hairs look like they are starting to receed bak into the bud on mine......but it really looks like it didnt do enuff bulking up yet.

    i wanna let em go long enough to where one hit off a blunt fucks me up!! lol

    troutpunk Member

    do you have anymore questions about white russian...are you still doing it? im producing 8-11 ounces per plant...im at day 49 on my current garden if you would like pics or just some helpfull tips

    akslipped Member

    whats your nute strength on that white russian? yield sucked this time not sure if it was humidity being low..or the poison i had to use for the mites.. or possibly nute strength thanks

    ohyesplease Active Member

    id love to see these plants producing 8-11oz pics please

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