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    Hey Friends!
    So I'm a little ways into my first grow and i figure now that i'm pretty happy with my (basic) setup i'll be looking to get perpetual following this grow! so i'll chuck up any photos that i take along the way, hopefully i can get some thoughts/feedback as i'm only about 9 weeks new to this!
    Apologies a lot of photos will have that hps glare on them unless i can find a convenient time to put them in natural light for a photo op! and my photos will probably be poorly ordered as i'm a little into this grow already!
    The details
    current grow
    In veg: 2 big bang clones and 2 white rhino clones in 3.5l pots, rooted and are still looking a bit sick (first ever cloning session) but are picking up now
    in flower: 1 big bang, 1 white rhino, both at about 21" tall on their third week of flower, 1 hawaiian snow which is at least 3' tall but i can barely measure it without it growing again , and another bag seed that a friend planted and gave to me as a seedling sitting at a stable 3' and looking quite nice, although from what i hear bag seed usually grows faster/stronger but lacks quality.
    all of those are growing in 15l of coco, perlite and vermiculite
    Ferts are canna vega for veg and bud rite for bloom!
    Flowering under a 400w hps and i recently picked up 100w of cfl so i could veg at the same time, will definitely be investing in some more very soon.

    big bang 2.jpg big bang.jpg bang alone.jpg Bang close.jpg Here is the big bang, after 6 weeks veg and about to start week 3 of flowering! sadly with this one i found some male staminate so i removed it from the flowering room and have been juggling it around between sunlight and my cfl, don't want her to pollenate the other ladies but there are some buds forming and they are getting frosty so early it seems a shame to waste it:weed:(plus i'm a little attached), but hey at least the light is good for photos!
    now entering the hps glare...

    White rhino close.jpg White rhino 2.jpg White rhino.jpg The white rhino, same age as the big bang, 6 weeks veg 3 flower from seed. looking so tasty already, will definitely be growing this one again it's been the best looking, sturdiest and healthiest of the bunch from day one!
    hawaiian snow.jpg Hawaiian snow 2.jpg Annnnnd the hawaiian snow, sorry i know the photos are real lousy on this one, but its hard to fit into on picture! i was expecting the sativa to be a tall one and she did not disappoint! no doubt it will be unmanageable in my tent before too long so i suppose i ought to start tying it down :-?

    Must say i'm pretty pleased with my efforts for my first ever grow, i guess my biggest enemy has been over loving the plants! mainly with water but i've slowly curbed that and now they are thirsty enough that i can water to my hearts content anyway :) also i left the flowering light on for 24 hours by accident about a week ago but if anything it seems to have pushed the plants into flower! :\ is this possible it seems kinda strange to me that this seems to have if anything a positive effect on the plants?
    Any thoughts or comments or suggestions or opinions or questions feel free to chuck em up! i'm still learning and appreciate it a lot :), and i'll do my best to keep the photos coming (and actually take some decent ones :P ) and also try and talk less in the future!
    and i may throw up some shots of my clones a little later tonight!
    Peace and positive energy

    Crossfitgrower Member

    You really want to be careful with lighting i had my lights stay on twice early in the growcycle and 3 or 4 of my plants had some hermie traits and caused a few seeds in the garden, however the seeds that hermied were all CH9 herojuana jack which i bought for the short flowering time and then looked up some reviews and almost everybody that grew them got hermies so i will never again buy a seed from CH9 and suggest all growers stay away from them as well poor genetics and quality, overall i think your plants arre gonna be fine just be real careful down the line with your lights because it will stress and confuse the plant midflower which is never good.. keep learning and every grow gets better and better, good luck wth em:joint:

    Turm Active Member

    I'm gonna watch this one, I've been thinking about getting Big Bang myself, supposed to be a really good strain for anxiety. Plus you cant go wrong with 10 Fem seeds from Greenhouse seeds for 40$ :)


    @Turm thanks dude! welcome :) i actually got an indica sativa mix of 10 seeds. Medicinal is definitely the name of the game for me, i chose my strains based on variety of stone and definitely had anxiety and appetite in mind with the big bang. Its by far the best smelling of my girls and definitely the fastest flower of the bunch, already making me hungry hahaha. but now i need to figure out how to give it as much light as possible without the flowering room, the buds are definitely developing much fluffier than they were under the hps. However i did have some problems with it herming before i left the lights on by accident so not sure if that speaks to the strain as a whole or what... they were under the same conditions as all the others which seem to be super happy! HERM.jpg <<the bang when i noticed staminate, it didn't seem to be too serious i removed all the staminate i could find and no more seem to be coming but i suppose i just have to stay vigilant with it to salvage the best i can out of it!
    I'll chuck up some shots of the clones after work tonight!
    Also if anyone has any opinions on weather i should be starting to remove some fan leaves to get better penetration let me know!! too early or not necessary? it seems like a lot of the lower stuff could have better light getting it with some trimming? :)
    Peace and positive energy friends.


    and here are come clones! Big bang clone 2.jpg Big bang clone.jpg Rhino clone.jpg frfrom left to right 2 big bangs and a white rhino! my first ever clone and to be honest i was supprised i got any to go at all! figured id experiment with some different mediums and see what worked, so i tried rock wool, coco coir perlite and vermiculite into a little seedling pot and peat moss pellets, and i have to say consistently so far i've had the most success with peat pods, in germing, raising seedlings and with the clones! only the ones in the peat moss seemed to survive and they really had to die on top before they sprouted roots. I don't doubt my technique needs many years of refining so i was mostly just pleased to get a few slightly hurt looking clones out of it! i also have another hawaiian snow in a pod that has sprouted a bunch of roots and i'll pot tomorrow, and i have another rhino that i potted yesterday but is still very sad looking, although i must say i wish i had photos of how all of these looked less than a week ago, the improvement has been remarkable! one of the big bang clones has doubled in size.

    I'm borrowing a mates 5d on the weekend so i should have some nice photos then :) all the rest of the girls are budding up nicely each day, definitely seeing the difference between hps and cfl on the flower! almost feel like the herm was a blessing in disguise, giving a good comparison of just how important the lights are! and i'll be curious to see the end weigh up/ smoke by comparison, and i feel i may be stepping up to a 600w in the not to distant future :)
    Happy growings friends :)


    Brace yourself, good photos are coming. IMG_0641.jpg :) theres a lot so i'll put them up in a couple posts








    white rhino colas close.jpg White rhino colas.jpg Some closer shots of the tops on the rhino, bongsmilie:roll:wish i could hibernate

    JahLives Member

    Oh, wow! Your plants are looking amazing!! I'm on my second grow and I am also growing a Hawaiian Snow in a 5 Gallon Bucket under 600 Watts HPS with Veg+Bloom on Week 3 of Flowering! I will keep a close eye to your entry to have a comparison of how they both ended up looking during harvest, after, weight, etc... Are you planning to cut down at the 11th as recommended by Green House Seeds, Co.? I have read other growers how grew this strain and several of them had to wait upwards til the 14th to the 16th week to harvest! Insane!! Anyway, I don't mean to bomb your thread or thread-advertise but you can find my Hawaiian Snow Late-Journal here if you'd like! Bless and Love!



    photo-1.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg clones are coming alone nicely! the two big ones are big bang and the little one is a white rhino. happy to see i had some success cloning and will have another harvest vegged up for the 2nd harvest! these will get another 4-6 weeks before they go into the flower room, it's been about 2 weeks since i noticed they had rooted and potted them, so should be looking nice by the time they flower! Thinking i'll order some more seed in the next few weeks for the near future, any recommendations, suggestions, good breeders or anything i'd be happy to take them, feel a bit like a kid in a candy store when trying to choose strains :roll:


    @JahLives Not at all dude! welcome :) i'll upload some more on sunday at day 31 :) the snow is looking absolutely amazing for 4 weeks in today! if it keeps filling out the way it is it will have 4 tops that would be like 30-40 cm long and all the rest, such a tall girl though i'll be relieved when the rhino is done so i can raise the light some more! i won't cut it until i think it's ready! i'm pretty patient and i have a big bang and white rhino to look forward to much sooner! and some bag seed which only in the last week has shown what a yielder it's going to be, some serious dense tops for how long and bushy it is! so yeah i'll just leave it until it's properly ready, from what i hear the smoke ought to be worth it!
    I'll be sure to keep up with your grow also :)


    Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream
    Humboldt Seed Organisation Chemdawg
    #1 DNA Genetics Seeds Stacked Kush
    #3 DNA Genetics LA Confidential
    #2 Reserva Privada Silver LA
    Humbolt Seed Organisation Trainwreck x4
    What is coming! looking forward to trying some stuff out :D happy with the freebies too hope the LA Confidential comes out alright would definitely like to clone it!


    Stole a pallet from work to help level out the canopy, and make runoff collection easier, things are looking nice at day 33 :weed: photo-1.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-7.jpg


    photo-8.jpg photo-9.jpg photo-10.jpg photo-11.jpg photo-12.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg ok quick update on the clones! the one on the chair is white rhino and the two on the ground are big bang, the indoor is a hawaiian snow which i'm giving to a friend since i don't think i'll have room for another sativa, seriously considering keeping the rhino as a mother for more generations, it's maintained such a compact structure with tight internodes and the original thats at 7 weeks thursday looks to be the best of my girls so far, whereas the big bang clones stretched quite a lot to begin with which had me worried, but they are stabilizing and bushing out, when i transplanted them the root structure had completely filled the 1gal pots they were in! i definitely now see the advantage of using clones for speeding up harvesting times they grow so much quicker! photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-7.jpg on another note i chucked 4 seeds (blue dream, chemdawg, stacked kush and train wreck), in a new electric propagator, heats the bottom very slightly and i have to say i'm pleased with the results, less than 2 days to germ and break ground for the BD and SK, no complaints :D the train wreck has also sent a root down only the chemdawg left to crack! hope it does i'm quite excited to give it a run. Still waiting on a decent camera to return to shoot the flowering plants but i'll update soon! it's day 49 on thursday, getting there :)
    Peace and love

    AndyGreenthumb Member

    looking good :D that white whino look amazing nice crystal production on day 23.. i have 3 white widow in day 21 now, and they dont have that much crystals, and i use 600w :D


    @AndyGreenthumb cheers boss :) it was actually day 33, so from my experience i'd say expect a lot of crystal development in those 10 days :) is your widow GHS? i'm considering getting the white family mix to try widow and shark out sometime, not that i'm lacking in seed to try out at the moment. And i'm definitely thinking of joining the 600 club for winter! :D i think it'd be a bit hot here in the summer for it (Its been over 30C every day for months) and i'm having a battle maintaining room temp as is! cannot wait for winter. photo-1.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-7.jpg photo-8.jpg photo-9.jpg heres some lousy shots of the rhino in natural light and the tent at day 48 :)
    Blaze on!

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    I need some help. I'm new here and new to growing. I got a few seeds "White Rino" and they look like they are doing fine. I was wondering when to harvest? And what is the best method to dry it? I have a large cedar humidor,will that work? Any help would be much appreciated. I took a few pics so hopefully someone can tell how far off I am from harvest? It's been 12 weeks since seedling. I also not sure how to post the pics. Hellllpppp!!!!!

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