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White pistils burning?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by djcue95948, Aug 19, 2010.


    djcue95948 Member

    My plants are in there first week of flowering and the pistils seem to appear burned on the tips.. Whats going wrong??

    stickyikkigreen Active Member

    pics would help.(like any other question) but i think that is normal.they usually drie up and turn orange/brown/red from the tip down.
    and the olderones should be doing it first.

    lemmis Well-Known Member

    when i noticed this with my plants, it was a ph issue, low ph in my case. check ph of your soil?
    Mr Cannabis Sativa

    Mr Cannabis Sativa Active Member

    im currently having the same issue on my plant, not knowing what exactly it is but it could be nute problems

    hybridbuds Active Member

    I see it on most of my outdoor plants if temps are wayy hot for a while

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    the hairs start turning brown from the tip down so dont worry, and dont frown. soon they will all be brown. and you will be swimming in bud till you drown OHHHHHHH
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    dunkin73 Well-Known Member

    Mine do the same thing, older pistils brown and curl in toward the bud. More pistils will grow to replace them, this is a component of how the bud grows.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    he prob should worry cuz when they get polllenated this happens. they shouldnt be browning until the second month. shit i have some qwerkles at day 58 with not a single brown hair.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    that said....last round i grew the same phenotype of qwerkle and they got pollenated and the pistils were brown in the first couple weeks.

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    it must vary,
    from strain to strain,
    but have no anger,
    or disdain,
    its not a contradiction,
    only a depiction,
    of what happened to my plants
    during cultivation...

    ukjw Active Member

    I have the same issue, its week1-2 guerrilla grow and i have a few pistils turning brownish on the tips...obv its no where near time to harvest yet....temps have been in the 90s though....there are also no males around to pollinate

    DanKnuG Member

    you sure ¿? last year some one who happened to be growing near my friends backyard and their hermmie or male plant pollinated my friends crop.

    ukjw Active Member

    Yea this would be the only possibility...it is possible but the odds are slim..like i said its a guerrilla grow and its way out there...also i noticed these brown hairs a few days ago when the plant had just shown any pistils at all maybe a week or so, would it even pollinate that soon?....like OP i am just wondering if maybe its the heat? or nutes(rest of plant looks great)?

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    This is the best thing I've read all day.
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    djcue95948 Member

    Damn Alot of answers to this question..alot of different opinions....Well im sure there isnt any males around. I was thinking i could be the heat cuz i have a friend with the same green crack strain and his hairs look white but he has a sun shade over the plants so maybe it could be due to heat. idk??....About the ph in the soil how would u lower or higher the ph in your soil?.. at what ph should my soil be at?

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