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White mold

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by silvernomad, Sep 18, 2006.


    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    I hate it, and am fighting to save my best god girl. She has been clipped of mold, removed from the others, and being watched.

    so I had to trim an oz already off her to try and remove the limbs that were showing this white mold. The stuff is fast when it does kill a bud....

    So I am trying to get a much as I can from this girl now ( don't want to cut her now, she is getting beautiful buds on her)... I know that anything close to having mold on it will end up in the oil pot; but does anyone know of a way to stop this white mold?

    Can not bring the girl indoors; I can cover her when it rains (but we are getting heavy dew here now...so I have been watching her close.

    All is not lost.............. The other girls are doing great.:joint:


    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    It sounds like powdery mildew. Spray your plants with water with 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda per quart. Inspect in several days, and spray again. You can add some Neem Oil to the water, too, as a general fungicide.

    Spray in the morning, when they are wet from the dew.

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    Have you donw this before? Reason I ask is that my buds now look like they are finished (from being burned), but I know they are not.

    But the mold still pops up here and there on my girl and so I must cut her before all is lost.............. thanks for the help

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    How often do plants get mold and what are the main conditions climate wise?


    citivia Active Member

    wat if u plant a seed in mold :joint::confused:

    Theeassassin Well-Known Member

    then your a fuckin idiot. (not you, a person who plant in mold) unless you have...
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    WWgrower Well-Known Member

    Wish you could take some pictures of this. There are very few pic's of mold ,bud rot and could use them for education of these conditions!

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    the baking soda trick does work well just spray on your plants i have had my og kush that had mold issues and tryed sulfur neem sm90 and the only thing that worked was baking soda

    WWgrower Well-Known Member

    Thanks good to know. Used to listen to a radio garden show on the way to work on sunday mornings and remember now that this used to be the remedy for a few garden problem pest control.
    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    Warm, humid temps with no moving air.

    Keep room temp in check and keep the fans blowing on them at all times.

    twostarhotel Well-Known Member

    since you cant tell if the mildew has spread inside your buds, can you still use it for bubble hash maybe? since im being told that burning or drying doesnt kill or get rid of the mold, is it just usless is mold the worst problem for budding ladies

    hornedfrog2000 Well-Known Member


    It would make super weed.

    rgrahamt Member


    kushmasterjb Member

    How does the baking soda effect the salt build up on the roots? If its hydroponic will build up be substantial. Baking soda is a salt and a base. I don't want my plants to die because of this white mold. It almost looks like fuzz on the grodan's the ladies are in.

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