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white label seeds? quality

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by drifter1978, Apr 13, 2009.


    drifter1978 Guest

    hello fellow rollers just want to get some info on white label 25 seeds regular mix from the tude.if any one has had experience with this or with any strain at white label muchly appreciated

    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    I'm not saying they are not good but out of twenty double gum seeds I only got seven to pop two were tards so I would suggest nirvanna or royal queen before I bought white label again.

    drifter1978 Guest

    bump,any body else got any thoughts please

    thx hydro

    madazz Well-Known Member

    i got a pack of 10, some of the seeds seem as though they have started to germinate in the original packet. at least 4 are like it. NOT HAPPY :evil: so here is some pictures, i also sent them - sensi and planetskunk emails telling them and to see what i can do as these are not viable.

    i got emails back from sensi saying :

    Dear Cannabis Enthusiast,

    We are sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory results. Such performance is not normal for any Sensi Seed Bank variety. We test all our strains for viability and germination rates on a regular basis. Any strain that does not perform to Sensi Seed Bank standards is retested and, if necessary, completely replaced.

    Sensi Seed Bank makes it clear that we cannot guarantee the performance of seeds because they are fragile living material. After they leave our care, they are subject to so many potentially damaging variables whichwe cannot control.

    Having said that we don't like to see any of our customers end up with no results from a packet of seeds, soon the occasions that we receive complaints, we prefer to resolve the matter amicably, ifpossible.

    In this particular case, you purchased your seeds from a third-party-are seller of Sensi Seeds. In these circumstances, you need to contact the RESELLER, the growshop where you bought these seeds.

    The grow shop from which you bought these seeds should have some record of your transaction. Whether to replace your seeds is their decision- but they should have no problem doing so if they judge your complaint to be valid(ie if you handled your seeds in the right way).

    If the RESELLER obtained its seeds directly from Sensi Seed Bank, and if they choose to replace your seeds, then they will be able to obtain replacements in turn from Sensi Seed Bank, if they document your complaint and their restitution of it.

    The only practical way to resolve complaints like this is via the route by which the the seeds were distributed. Sensi Seed Bank cannot issue replacement seeds on behalf of other businesses.

    Also, Sensi Seed Bank would advise that you retain your remaining seeds, and the seed packaging(theSensiSeedstitlecardfrominsidethepack),in case they are required as proof of purchase by the RESELLER.


    [email protected]

    i also got a email from planet skunk

    will have to send you a different strain because I've checked the other packs I have here and they are no good either. I'm going to send them all back to Sensi. That is the second time they have sent me seeds like that. Let me know what other seeds you would like instead. If you want to try the real bubble gum look at serious seeds, they invented it and the quality is top notch.

    so i'm pretty happy with that response.

    :twisted: madazz

    madazz Well-Known Member

    so here is the pics

    Mcgician Well-Known Member

    Unless you can't grow any of them right now, what's the big deal? I say pop that thing open and plant that shit. Who knows, that may turn out to be your best female yet. I agree though, that is unusual, and they should at least kick you down a free, viable "identical" seed.

    madazz Well-Known Member

    yeah the guy at ps is gonna send me Serious seeds Bubblegum for free, think i get to keep the double gum aswell cause i asked for a address to post back to and didn't get one well not yet. It does say to keep them in case there are needed for proof osf purchase and that the 3rd party seller can get back what he gives me. i Dont need to open them i have brought a few packets of bubble gum from nirvana, white label, Female x line. so i'm ll good for them for now just wanted more so i can get that really flavoursome pink hubba bubba i remember that shit from the old school days. back about 95.

    anyway thanks and if i do get to keep them ill try germinating them and post my results.


    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Im confused why the letter is from Sensi Seeds & your pics show the seeds are from White lablel?
    Am I missing something?

    madazz Well-Known Member

    white label is a division of sensi. They are the same company. different divisions

    la9 Well-Known Member

    I had zero germination rate with White Label, after posting about it a few other people had the same issue. Consider it before ordering. I sent email to white label and haven't gotten a response. I sent one to attitude and didn't get a response, sent another one to attitude today to see if they want to make it right.

    hydgrow Well-Known Member

    I had two pack from whitelabel of the double gum and got 7 outta 20 to germ. I am not a pro but even my kc brains germed better than that. White Labels seeds double gum has a very shitty germ rate. On a side note though the ones that did make it are healthy as can be.

    madazz Well-Known Member

    i germed them to see if they would go 6 went other 4 are no good. not 2 bad considering everyone else is getting zero germ rates.

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