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white hairs

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by gumb4ll, Sep 30, 2007.


    gumb4ll Active Member

    This is my first grow and i have white hairs all over how long until they start budding

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    iwir3d Well-Known Member

    How long have you been flowering for? You can see buds start about 1-2 weeks after you start to flower. Usualy you see hairs first during flowering and then it bushes out.

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    it already has started budding. it will take a few weeks for the buds to fill out though.

    gst1147 Active Member

    If white hairs have just started to show then you have another 5-7 weeks of budding and about 3 weeks or so until you see some decent buds, all depending on your setup, strain, and of coarse when you started flowering

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