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White hairs turning brown and dying help needed!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by verge, Jul 20, 2013.


    verge Member

    Why are the white hairs on my plant dying most of the other colas seem fine but now the white hairs being burned is spreading to my colas white hairs being burnt! Can anyone tell me what's wrong??? I've been using diatemaseous earth for the past 3weeks for fungus gnats feeding her organicare pure bloom under 400hps going into fifth week flower. Please help:(
    Keif Cheif

    Keif Cheif Member

    Is the light too close? Did you spray anything on the leaves while in bloom (harsh pesticides or fungicides)? Did you feed any high PK flower boosters with your organicare pure bloom? Have you successfully flowered out this specific strain before to see how it is supposed to finish?

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    How long has it been in flower? Pics are your friend...

    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    Fifth week of flowering... sounds normal to me.

    propertyoftheUS Active Member

    Without a pic to go by it sounds like boystris, aka bud mold. What is the humidity in your room?

    propertyoftheUS Active Member

    If you want to check to see if it is boystris, drop a drop of hydrogen peroxide on one of the affected areas and if it bubbles, you got troubles!!

    SeeRockCity Active Member

    you checking your Ph before feeding?

    dlftmyers Well-Known Member

    Not to scare you but when my the hairs on my plant starting turning brown i thought it was from to much heat but it turned out to be a herm Pic's would help

    HankDank Well-Known Member

    5th week of flowering? that sounds pretty normal to me. The white hairs are supposed to turn reddish brown and eventually recede into the buds, thats when you know they are ripe and about ready to pick! Takes some pics but im pretty sure your plant is just reaching maturity no need to freak out

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    If the temp is too high, the pistils will die

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    5th week of flowering is a bit early for the pistils to be turning, not normal if you ask me, there is something else going on here but you need to provide some pictures and more details about what you have going on there.

    spitsbuds Active Member

    what strain/pheono is it before we can say any est on the time pistils should be turning, imo its on the border line for most strains ive grown, of been quite normal, or it been high temps, boytris, high ec's, cold temps, causing early finishing ect. plant near inline ect ect,

    need pic and more info op

    omar924 Active Member

    was there a male around at all?

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