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White hairs during veg??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Az613, Mar 5, 2009.


    Az613 Active Member

    Hey guys, I'm a noobie to the forum. Been reading through the threads and there is some pretty good information on here. Although, I don't think I found anything regarding my question, sorry if I did miss something and would be greatly appreciated if someone can guide me in the right direction.

    I have 4 plants veging right now under a 1000w MH in a soil mix that I mixed myself. One is OG kush, 2 of them r Northern Lights x BC Big Bud, and the other is a strain of Kush, so I was told. For nutes, I'm giving them General Hydroponics.

    So I'm starting to notice that on my OG and the 2 northern r starting to get white hairs on them as if they r starting to flower. I looked closely on the OG and there seems to be some crystal glands forming...?????? I've been growing for a couple years now. I'm not the best but I think I do fairly well and I dont think I've ever noticed something like this happen to my plants during veg...

    Is it possibly the strain? is this normal? maybe feeding them more nutes then I'm supose to? What would cause this?

    Anything helps. Thanks guys.

    CasteR Active Member

    how long have they been vegging for? if it has been a while it could be showing early signs of sex/preflowering. i'm no expert though, just a thought

    WoldofWeedcraft Well-Known Member

    could also have an autoflowering strain there.

    mr.red Well-Known Member


    You may have messed up the timing but I doubt it since you said you had been growing for a while.

    If they are just those two white hair-groups that seem kinda crystally I would say preflowers.

    But can't tell without a picture

    mottavation Active Member

    I am experiencing my first grow and the same happened to me. I just let it grow until I was ready to flower it, I guess it just shows it's sex before and starts the actual flowering when the 12/12 lights come on. I am growing sweet purple, so I don't believe that the strain has much to do with it, but judging by the buds growing now, no harm was done to the actual plant by waiting.

    monkz Well-Known Member

    NOT TO WORRY... you may have an autoflower strain but... what is more likely is that the plant is showing pre-flowers, it can happen during veg.. and CONGRATS coz if theyre showin white hairs means uv got a female!!!:D

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    Probably the genetics in the strain and that it may be time to start flowering.

    At least you know it is a female right!

    Az613 Active Member

    The OG's been veging for about 1 month now and the Northern is at 3 months. I dont really mind the Northern cuz I will be putting them to flower soon, I jus found it odd... But I'm planning on keeping my OG as a mother. It's very hard to find that strain around here so I'm trying to keep her for as long as I can and that's why she is my main worry right now. The clone came from a friend before he put his whole OG mother into flower.
    I have them on 18/6 right now.

    I will try to take some pics tonight and I'll post them up so u guys can have a better look at it.

    Az613 Active Member

    Hey sorry for the no pics guys, I've been really busy and haven't had time to take any pics. I've put the 2 northern x big bud in flower and kept the OG as a mom. But I have realised that the white hairs are alot shorter now - weird... but all in all I think she's doing fine..
    THanks for every1's input..
    Check out my soon to be ready ladies, all NL x BC big bud.. :weed:


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