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White flies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by sstesta, Dec 10, 2007.


    sstesta Active Member

    what can be done to get rid of and control white fly problem? the plant is in its fourth week of flowering and buds all over it. can i spray with water that has a little soap in it and not damage the buds?

    Nile505 Active Member

    I did that but rubbed them with soap and the leaf died...I wouldn't do it again. Like everyone says neem oil.

    BUD SHAMAN Active Member

    Whiteflies are attracted to yellow objects, so put some yellow-sticky traps on the tops of pots among the plants. Adult flies can be sucked from underside of leaves with a low powered vacuum cleaner,early in the light cycle when whiteflies are cold and slow moving. You can also shake plants and suck adults out of the air.They are easily eradicated with natural sprays such as an insecticidal soap applied at 5-10 day intervals. Not keen on using sprays during flowering but you are still in early part of floral cycle and foliar misting with water after killing whiteflies will help remove any residual soap. Put oscillating fan on to keep whiteflies disturbed so sticky-traps are more effective.

    devisscher Active Member

    what about the same problem out door growing

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    use watered down dish soap, spray on the plants, and if they havent gone, do it again.
    but i would just buy some proper, spray from your local store, i use the stuff and it works its only about £2, £2 is worth your plants. isnt it?.

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