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White dots on fan leaves. Spider Mites or what?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by PegasusRideR, Jul 18, 2008.


    PegasusRideR Active Member

    I'm having problems with all my six plants. All of them are different sizes and three of them are seedlings(6 weeks old) 2 of them are just started flowering (10 weeks old) and one is in 4th week of flower(12 weeks old). All of them are in 12/12 for 4 weeks.

    Two of them has curling down leaves, had white dots before but i trimmed those leaves and now it has only a little. And their fan leave tips are becoming yellowish light brown but nut curling down.

    The big one is(or was) very healthy and buds are full of trichomes. Some of the leaf tips are yellowish light brown, it can be because of nutrient burn. And all of it's fan leaves have white spots everywhere. Not like spider mites because spots are not in specific places like this;


    Spots are everywhere but there's a little distance between them. I mean it doesn't look like spiders came and laid eggs, it looks like 100 spider came and every one of them laid one egg :-? Also today i saw a tiny white bug but over the leaves, not under. And there's no bug or white spot under leaves.

    Lights are off now i'll post the pictures tomorrow when the lights are on. But I've had these problems before. This is when the white dot problem started on the big plant(pics are taken 10 days ago);


    You can see the top bud is clear, there are only some white dots on the top right leave.


    It has thricomes everywhere, I don't wanna lose this plant at this point.:-?

    All of the plants has some white dots but i only found one bug but there are too many white dots.

    Using 3-5-7 nutes(no nutes for the small ones yet). Water ph is 6.5, soil ph is 6.7(it says 6.7 on the package). Before planting I applied a very strong insecticide to the room but today I found a small spider web and killed the spider(it was too small).

    What do you think this is? I'll post pictures of all of the plants tomorrow so it'll be easier to identify the problem. I read the grow faq too many times, searched the forum for hours but still not sure what it is.

    PS: Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.

    redneck1 Active Member

    you need a magnifier or photo loupe to see the spider mites if you have them and use magnifier to look you will see them .and they do lay little eggs.the mites look like little crabs or mites.Good luck

    redneck1 Active Member

    also spider mites with weave webs in your buds if not gotten rid of.

    PegasusRideR Active Member

    I know that they can only seen with a 30x magnifying glass. I don't have one and I'm going on a vacation tomorrow. I don't have time to buy a magnifying glass. I'll post pictures tomorrow(3 hours remaining to the lights from now on) and check back on vacation. I'll leave my plants to my mother. Before I do I want to be sure of everything and tell her what to do if what happens. Also she'll check the posts of this thread. But she has only grown normal indoor house plants before, not marijuana. I'm sure she'll not overwater or something like that but you know, If you're gonna get higher, you'll spend every last minute you have.

    And the strain I have(the biggest one) is probably the most potent strain where I live. Also one of them is one of the best strains in the U.S., sorry for not telling the strain name but I promised to not to tell(When I search google I couldn't find anything about that. It's a very big producer's genus comes from most potent strains one is white widow and I've seen bud pictures of it, totally different than everything I saw before(It's the first time I grow but probably I've smoked everything including U.S. and Canada, and it was totally different). It was so hard for me to get it. And because of that I don't wanna lose my crop. It's the best I smoked before and It's the strongest seedling plant I have (one of the 3 seedlings, one of them is weak and the other one's leaves are curled down). I'll surely post a grow journal if it'll grow and flower till the harvest. I'm really serious about that, I'm not a noob who smoked 3-4 joints in his life. I smoked pollen in Nepal, I smoked White Widow in Cali. I've never seen anything like this.

    I'm waiting for the lights turn on and take the pics.

    vps Active Member

    spider mites will drain the life out of your plants. Neem oil Thats what I used.
    Just treated mine for the second time today and I watered some into the soil. I'm putting them into bud next Wednesday...they gotta git now!!
    I would treat them before you leave on vacation

    PegasusRideR Active Member

    I would do that but I don't have enough time left. I'll do everything I can by searching the internet and getting help from growers of rollitup and when I'm sure of what to do I'm gonna tell my mother to do everything while I'm on vacation.

    redneck1 Active Member

    People want to grow bud.they dont study and gain knowledge.they dont want to invest money?they want to grow in speaker cabinets?They dont listen to advice.but they want killer buds and yield.Its so easy yet so complicated.but if you want to grow for smoke or just to grow it pays for itself but you have to learn and you have to buy and you have to be realistic.But the best thing is knowledge read forums and do internet searchs.dont listen to bull crap.I dont mean any afencce.just do your homework and invest a little time and money.You will be happy.dont listen to everyone telling you what to do when they dont even grow.Good luck to all.

    PegasusRideR Active Member

    You're right about that. Let me tell you something. I'm gonna drive my car for 10 hours and I spent my whole night searching over the internet. I'm gonna have only one hour to sleep after posting pics. Knowledge isn't cheap.

    EDIT: Here are the pics;



    They seem like spider mites and I couldn't find anything looks like this. I looked under the leaves closely and couldn't see anything. They even looked clearer.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2008

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    those are "thrips". i recently had thrips. i dropped a pyrethum bomb and watered with "predator nematodes". it killed them all. :mrgreen:

    PegasusRideR Active Member

    I found out that garlic repels thrips. I put garlic and it really worked. They're all healthy again. Thanks for all the replies.

    Torturedzen Well-Known Member

    How was the garlic applied? I may have a thrip problem as well.

    PegasusRideR Active Member

    I just took the dry parts and put 4 of them per pot and i put them on the soil, not in. After two days white spots stopped spreading.

    I have one more question. What's the biggest plant's strain? I couldn't find it. It was a bagseed of the best pot i smoked here. It looks like afghani to me but the yield will be too small so it should be an outdoor plant. And it was grown outdoors. There aren't much indoor growers here.

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