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Which strains make you laugh the most? What's best mostly sativa Blueberry cross?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Wild, Dec 17, 2008.


    Wild Well-Known Member

    Back in my first days of smoking, the dealer we used got us this weed that would make us laugh for ages over nothing and feel so happy. I miss this type of weed as he's now been arrested :(

    Are there any particular strains of weed that make you laugh more than others, or is it just pretty random? Also, I want to grow a Blueberry crossed with something, but I don't know which cross to buy. I was hoping for a mostly sativa cross or a mostly indica cross of Blueberry, any good ones?

    Finally i've decided that I shall grow Strawberry Cough, Himalayan Gold, a Blueberry cross and (either Kush or Haze, depending on whether I have a Sativa or Indica Blueberry).
    Hope it all makes sense, and I really appreciate any help :D

    ganjaman13 Well-Known Member

    i think all pot used to make me laugh the longer i smoke the less i laugh i barely get a giggle anymore i can recommend northernberry from peak seeds wickidly good smoke fair price 40usd i believe

    ganjaman13 Well-Known Member

    oh yeah dr greenthumb has a strain called big laughing

    Wild Well-Known Member

    Northernberry sounds tasty, i'll check it out. Cheers
    Any others people?
    Well with me, I don't think i've stopped laughing because i've been smoking along time. I had my first smoke about 2 years ago, but up untill I got my new job a few weeks ago, I was only smoking once every 2 or 3 months! I now smoke twice a week or more :D So I thought the laughter might be down to strain?
    Could have anything to do with wether it's more Sativa or Indica dominant?

    420Blunt's Well-Known Member

    himalaya gold is sativa. im growing it right now. its in the smallest of all the pots but shes the tallest. him, g13 haze, and w/w all preflowered last week. ill send them into flowering in 2-3 weeks. i had a blueberry g13 haze cross one time that was amazing! but other than that ive just had straight blueberry. if you want more laughing i would try and stick with sativa's they make me more energetic and happy high more willing to laugh.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    I've just done 2 grows of the strain gangaman mentioned, Big Laughing by Dr Greenthumb. It really does produce fits of laughter.

    I'm currently growing a cousin to the other strain gangaman mentioned, Skunkberry (Blueberry x Skunk). 5 weeks into flower, very resinous, tight buds. I'm hoping for a euphoric high, Peak advertises it as their best strain. Think of Peak as the Serious Seeds of Canada. ;)

    Flowering I have Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, Skunkberry (& 4 unknown mix pack strains). I have Bubblegum and Red Diesel in veg and Kali Mist ready to germ next.

    I've been looking for the same types of strains that Wild is looking for, I'm going to keep mothers for the best highs.




    TheFaux New Member

    Legend's Johnny Blaze = Neville's Haze x True Blueberry

    Get 'em while you can. ;-)

    cannaking Active Member

    First off, the dude that mentioned the effect of smoking for a while or often. It slowly and gradually loses its kick ( includig the uncontrolable laughter).
    In my opinion though, the strain that causes the most laughter would be bubblegum. When grown right, this shit will be covered in crystal ,so much so that u can barely se the nugget. The high makes you laugh a shitload, and is maddddd uppy.

    Wild Well-Known Member

    All the Blueberry & Haze crosses sound very nice. I'm almost spoilt for choice! I've heard that the Haze high is quite amazing and unique and we never get Sativas round here. And just to be even more picky, it would be nice if the cross would still keep abit of blue colouring :D , but that's not most important!

    I want the Himalayan gold because on the Greenhouse site, it says that it carries a creative and productive high, being as i'm a musician, I want one of the strains to have that inspiring high. Flo is also supposed to be good for the creativity, any experience with it?

    I can only have 4, but want as varied effects as possible from those 4 strains that are chosen. Might drop the strawberry cough (because a Blueberry x Haze would be similarish I should imagine) and get a nice mango or citrus flavoured indica, or Kush because I didn't realizes the Himalayan Gold was Sativa. Yeah.... Cheers for all help so far dudes
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    i love weed that makes you giggle , im from uk and no-one really uses names for weed so i never actually know what weed im smoking ( its either good weed or shit weed ) , just the other night at work this polish guy said he had some really good weed so i smoked a couple of joints with him at brew time , lol when i got back to working i was like a little child , i was couldnt help laughing at everyone and everything , i just couldnt wipe the big grin of my face , at one point i had to walk off coz i was laughing so much ,everyone must think im a fuckin retard at work lol lol

    Wild Well-Known Member

    Sativa High, I know the feeling man, it's what I most want to experience again. I'm from the UK too and it is really annoying that you can never find out strain names isn't it? I just dont think the commercial growers buy like proper strain seeds, they'll just buy like Nirvana indoors mixes or something so save seed money.

    I've read on a few strain review sites that Strawberry Cough and Kali Mist often gives you the giggles, so i'm putting those 2 on the list. I'm being wayyyy to picky I think. I want more than 4 different though. I'm thinking:
    Twilight - 100% Indica
    Blueberry - 80% Indica
    Flo or Himalaya Gold - Somewhere round the middle I reckon (supposedly similar high)
    Strawberry Cough - 75% Sativa
    Kali Mist - 90% Sativa
    Good balance of highs yes? I don't know thinking too much about it all :D

    420Blunt's Well-Known Member

    hah, your taking the same road i did when i was deciding what to get. i got white widow (cause i love the shit), g13 haze (cause its g13 and haze! strong sativa influence), and himalayan gold for the same reasons you did. im a muscian for pleasure. i wanted the strawberry cough cause of the high head activity that you speak of. himalayan gold is def mostly sativa cause its got a thick tall stalk. good luck with your decision.

    Wild Well-Known Member

    Cheers 420 Blunts!
    Right i'm going to be ordering from Pick & Mix seeds UK. It looks like i'm settling with Dutch Passion, Serious seeds and Greenhouse then. These aren't cheap seeds for what will be my first proper grow (I have grown before but never finished). I reckon I ought to go all feminized where I can too.
    Cheers so far dudes

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    I hope your able to balance out the grptwth of the indica's and sativa's well, Its been a while now but when I first started growing I had awfull problems with hight and light issues when mixing indica's and sativa's.

    How come sensi isn't on your list. The best seedbank there is in my opinion. Also if you live in the UK cant you just buy your seeds in a headshop??? I rarely buy seeds from the net any longer.

    Wild Well-Known Member

    Right, computer broke recently, but I've got it fixed now and just thought i'd reply.

    If you've finished your Himalayan Gold, what was it like, did it grow well? What was the smoke like?

    I think balancing the heights and such will cause a problem, but my plan is to simply plant the indicas first, the sativas a couple of week later. If I then start flowering about 3-4 weeks later, hopefully the heights will be similar when going into flower. It's when i'm in the 12/12 where the challenge will begin haha!

    There's only one neraby headshop that I know of and they only stock Nirvana seeds for some reason. Sensi I will try when i've got a bigger setup, but at the moment i'm just wanting to buy 1 feminized seed of each strain and Sensi don't have to many fems.. Cheers by the way everyone.

    420Blunt's Well-Known Member

    himalaya gold is doing awesome. in its 2nd week of flowering. it grows amazingly tall. def had to top it and im afraid i might have to tie it down in an 7 foot height including the lights. but it has beautiful think bud spots on it. i can wait to smoke it.

    Wild Well-Known Member

    Sweet man! That's taller than I expected it to grow! I love the looks of them when they're really tall though. I could'nt see a grow journal for it, so let me know when she's done pal. Should be about ready to start mine up by that time.

    vl014721 New Member

    yesturday i got some lemon kush my friend who is an experiensed toker said it was either 10th or 12th generation it was expensive but it was worth it yesterday i think i took one or two to many hoots i was laughing so hard that i could barely breath and nobody even said any thing funny

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