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Which strains make you laugh a lot and feel happy?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by cmbajr, Jul 3, 2012.


    cmbajr Active Member

    I love these strains... I have only had a few tat actually did this and made me feel floaty and giggly... My sister gave me some sour diesel and it made me feel perfect... I can ever find it though... Lemon kush was the first strain iv ever tried and it was AMAZING!!! I was laughing so much I almost pissed my pants... Which strais make you happy and giggly a lot?
    Tom bodett

    Tom bodett Member

    I'm running some sour d, but won't do it again. I run mostly 8 week strains and the d takes 10
    vortex or jillybean are great for happy feelings

    Kaendar Well-Known Member

    Sour D fsho. Also some Candy OG I smoked last week gave a similar effect

    cmbajr Active Member

    Would ak47, white widow, haze, or skunk give you these feelings I described? I am currently growing theses strains...

    ddimebag Active Member

    maybe the haze...euphoria generally comes from sativas/sativa dominant plants... I heard Jilly Bean is a good strain against depression...

    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    As d-bag said .Sativas will be your fancy if you want the euphoric sweet cerebral high,either the cheese or K.O.,(knockout)my fav is the cheese,but K.O can be pretty intense.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    No strain has done that reliably for me, including the racy Sativas.
    Also, no strain has failed to do that for me, on down to Aurora Indica.

    When it happens, I accept it as a gift. cn

    RC7 Well-Known Member

    i heard some of dr. greenthumbs strains were really good, but i personally have never tried them so i can't confirm it.

    drgroove Well-Known Member

    ak47 yes ;)

    mlore Well-Known Member

    Lemon Haze, Ak47 :eyesmoke:
    Super Silver Haze used to make me well smiley and happy, till i smoked it to much haha.
    My dealers has the shit on a cycle constantly and hes the best grower around here. lovely dry and rock solid, but still stickyness in side and when you grind.
    quality is just to good haha :eyesmoke:

    Topo Well-Known Member

    I subbed for this thread because I am always looking for the giggly shit. Sometimes I don't like the paranoia of the first 20-30 minutes after smoking some bud. I've been fighting anxiety for the last 5 years.

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