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Which strains DON'T smell like pine, lemon or berries?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by tstick, Dec 20, 2017.


    tstick Well-Known Member

    I'm into old school terpenes and whenever I look at what's out there in the cannabis flower market, I am constantly amazed by how "stink-less" the new strains are -and especially the super-high THC strains. They seem to lack in almost everything except THC. Most of them smell like citrus or berries to one degree or another....and pine.

    Interestingly, that isn't at all what the old school landrace strains used to smell like! Those strains smelled like dead skunk or rotten blueberries or that undefined "exotic' smell of Thai. The smell of weed in the old days was very identifiable and dangerously stinky....and by comparison, I'd take it over a high THC strain that smelled like lemon, any day!

    I know these types of threads have been made before -asking where the old stink is- but, well...here is another one. ;)

    I'm just getting tired of the monotony of most of the new, no-stink-to-them strains. -No cookies, candy, lemons, pine, strawberry orange tangerine, etc. please -just stinky old, skunk -the weed-smell-that-used-to-get-people-caught-and-sent-to-prison smelling weed -that's what I'm looking for.

    Rec me some seeds strains or even a name of a strain and a brand so that I can go out and buy some at a store. I'm just wondering if there is ANY chance of finding it again....
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Looking for something stinky, try some Swazi, the bag smells like black licorice.
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    Bubbles Depot

    Bubbles Depot Member

    If you want old school stinky weed that you can smell through a bank vault wall, look at some UK cheese or psychosis crosses. I'd start with UGORG #1 or Psychosister, from Underground Originals.
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    Akghostbuds420 Well-Known Member

    It seems lots of people were impressed by Duke Diamonds strains he brought to the emerald cup. Dominion seed company is the name and seedsherenow.com will carry them. They just dropped yesterday? And should go real fast if they aren't gone already. I'm waiting for the late 2018 drop:bigjoint:
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    Moderndayhippy Well-Known Member

    so not exactly skunky but karmas headbanger is very stinky and it is not a sweet or fruity smell at all. It is very in your face sour diesel smell that will certainly let you know if your carbon filter is working. Also is wonderful smoke very up high that will get you going. I grew a pack over the summer and kept a keeper that I love, have another pack that I am very excited to pop soon, and since I've got my keeper and a back up pack I've been trying to get the word out.

    Beachwalker Member

    I couldn't agree more! The smoke in the mid-70s was the best I've ever, period (mainly Panama Red and real Acapulco gold)

    Was a long time ago but I grew & bred skunk#1 back in the mid-eighties for quite a while, so I am well aware of the real deal too.

    first thing I did 3 years ago when I started growing again was grow a bunch of different skunks looking for it. What I found is none were even remotely like the original skunk in anyway

    I know exactly what you mean when you say 'that smell that gets people busted', if you've smell it you know it!

    And none of these current skunk plants are it (not even close). After a handful of various skunk strains I have kinda already given up looking for it.

    Sorry to sound all old school grandpa with "the weed was better in my day" and we also walked 10 miles to school, uphill both ways and all that, but it's true, at least about the skunk.

    So gonna watch this thread, but I suspect we're not going to find that old time skunk unless we bump into somebody who's been growing it in their closet for the last 30 years
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