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Which Soil with Advanced Nutrients?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by The Producer, May 28, 2008.

    The Producer

    The Producer Active Member

    Hey everyone!
    First time grower and new to the community and couldn't be more stoked about it. I plan on growing Sea of Green under a 1000 watt HPS in a soil seedbed, and this is where my problem lies. I saw a video of a grower using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Combo Pack #2 with beautiful resulsts which inspired me to do the same. Although, I don't know what soil to use with those nutrients. So I was wondering it there were any members who have used these nutrients and could recommend a soil, or anyone give me a better alternative for my predicament. Hope to hear from you all soon and happy to join the ranks.

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    i use advanced nutrients and black gold seems to work just fine

    stickycrippler New Member

    Welcome to riu! I recommend reading the growfaq. Good stuff in there. Good luck
    The Producer

    The Producer Active Member

    Hey, thanks for such quick replies! But more members, please post your input as well. As a Newbie grower the more info the better. And I'm headed for the grow FAQ right now. Thanks StickyCrippler and Tokezalot! Thanks for the input.

    aeroman Well-Known Member

    well dude u made the rite choice with AN

    hard to screw up picking soil
    just remember no fertilizer in the soil / stay away from time release ferts like MG soil where it says u dont need to feed for 60 days or whatver

    u want no ferts at all and high quality

    or if you want to do even better go hempy
    50/50 vermiculite an perlite and just water them like soil but in hempy bucket
    easy as soil and grows like hydro

    thats what id do
    da plantDOC

    da plantDOC Well-Known Member

    Well advanced nute's tek mike told me to use sunshine mix 4#... The nutrients test on youtube that's what that used!!!
    da plantDOC

    Koabear Well-Known Member

    just temember no N-P-K levels in the soil and you will be fine if their are NPK levels then make sure they are really low under.5

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    If tech mike says it works that's good enough for me.

    snakebit Member

    HI , This is Snakebit , Can you use " advanced nutrients " in a soil garden or planter? If so ,where can I get the mixing instructions for soil? What kind of fertilizer to use at what time etc. is it on the fertilizer containers? Thanks, to all my brothers & sisters out there for any info you can give me.

    Sensibowl Active Member

    I think Sunshine soil is something other growers have used with Advanced Nutrients without any troubles.

    You just want to make sure that your soil doesn't have any extra nutrients since they will screw with the AN lineup.

    There's a nutrient calculator on the AN site that can help you with what to use in an MMJ grow, or you can use half as much as the hydro instructions say to use, according to other growers.

    Personally, I like hydro grows with AN, but that's just me. I hear a lot of good things with the soil, but it's good that you're asking about the soil to use.

    And you can call up the AN customer service line if you're not sure how to use the nutrients. They really help you out and they'll asnswer even the dumbest questions. Trust me, I know. LOL
    The Midnight Gardener

    The Midnight Gardener New Member

    AN is just a bunch of over priced crap. Oh sure, it will do the job, but you'll pay out the ass relative to other nutrients. I'd suggest using GH three part and the following nute schedule with it (and yes, you can use this with soil). It's called the "useless" formula. It grew these...


    And I used this soil...

    So OK - feeding schedule week by week. This is the GH weekly feeding program, slightly tweaked. I will only call out the volume of each part per gallon of water in the following manner: grow, micro, bloom, ppm range. Example - 5-2.5-2.5-400/800 would mean 5 ml grow, 2.5 ml micro, 2.5 ml bloom and a ppm of 400-880. Remember it's per gallon. You Euro's can easily convert to liters. 4 liters is just a little bit over 1 gallon. It should also be noted that I use the hardwater micro due to my tapwater. I suggest using the hardwater micro in place of the regular micro if your tap water is over 200 ppm total or you have over 70 ppm Ca. RO water users should use the regular micro.
    Veg -
    week 1 5-2.5-2.5-400/600
    week 2 10-5-3- 600/800
    week 3 12-6-3 800/1000 (continue week 3 formula if additional veg time is required.)

    week 1 6-6-10- 800/1200
    week 2 3-7-12 - 1000/1400
    week 3 3-8-14 - 1000/1400
    week 4 3-8-16 - 1000/1400
    week 5 (discussed in detail below*)
    week 6 0-7-20 - 1000/1400
    week 7 0-6-20 (see bleow**)
    * During week 5 if not using a booster like Superbud, Bushmaster Kabloom etc. run 2.5-7-18. I use MOAB (Mother of All Blooms) or BushMaster at 50% of recommended strength, and use 1.25-3.5-9 for the fert base.
    **If running an 8 week strain you should only run the ferts during week 7 for a maximum of 3-4 days. This gives you 10 days for flushing. I should note that if I use ferts for a few days in week 7, I take the lants over the 8 week mark. Personally I flush for a min of 14 days. But 10 is bare minimum imo/ime.

    The ppms work out almost exactly. I tend to lean toward the lower side of the range, unless I have a really heavy feeder that I know can handle it.

    At every ressy change out I add in 5 drops per gallon of 35% food grade H2O2. During flush use ph adjusted water at 5.5-6.0
    I will add epsom salt at week 1 of bloom if the plants are heavy feeders AND I see signs of an Mg def. Otherwise I won't use it. The only time I have ever had Mg def is during transition. The GH 3 part is a little low on Mg, but the PBP and Canna nutes are way lower.

    Now- how to control your PH...
    There are a couple factors that cause your PH to drift. The most common is running the nute solution too strong or too weak. If it's too strong, your PH drops. If it's too weak the PH rises. You have to find the balance point. If you find that the formula above is say, a little strong, and say you have a 20 gallon ressy, mix the nutes for 18 gallons. If it's a little weak, mix it for 22 gallons. You follow?
    The other common mistake is mixing your nutrient solution and trying to adjust the PH right away. You have to allow time for the ph buffers in the nutrient solution to do their job. Mix the nutes up, and bubble or circulate for 12 hours before even looking at your PH. You will find the PH to be almost right on target.
    I use little or no ph adjusters. (Except during flush). I use tap water, with a starting PPM of 300-400 and a starting PH of 7.4-9.0 (Thats crazy you say! The water is too hard, you will never get stable PH and you will have too much Ca, causing a lockout of Mg!) Bollocks I say.
    Every week, on Friday I drain the ressy and fill with plain water. I let that run overnight giving the plants a little flush. This also allows the chlorine and ammonia to evap. On Saturday morning, I mix the nutes into the ressy. I DO NOT adjust ph at this time. Let that run as is overnight. On Sunday morning, I check ph and adjust if needed. Usually don't have to.
    Doing things this way has saved me from constant PH drifts, and using about 150 ml of ph down every ressy change, and a little here and there throughout the week to keep it in the desired range. Now, the most I ever have to use is about 30 ml.if any at all. (I have a 35 gallon ressy btw) My Ph stays at a constant 5.5-5.8.

    If you are still having PH issues using the above method, an alternative is to PH adjust the plain water to 5.5 BEFORE you add nutes.

    pharmacoping Active Member

    here here. any serious who hasnt tried AN or DM, and still use them, simply has their head in their ass, probably crowded in there too. you keep saving your allowance and buying from chumps who still deny that they make nutes for cannabis, while the ret of us rise to the top...schmuuuck. I use a four part DM GOLD, and add nothing, ever, not even a ph adjustment, no drops of magic juice, or molasses, or anything. never a deficiency, never a death, never a failure.

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