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Which ratio Advanced Nuitrients 'Hammer-Head' 9/18, 4/10 or 4/8 ???

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by stelthy, Sep 18, 2011.


    stelthy Well-Known Member



    Hi, I have a question I stopped using CANNA's PK 13/14 and started using Advanced Nuitrients 9/18 instead.. although sometimes my girls leaves leaves have been burnt even though the yields have been impressive..

    But whats the deal with HH 4/8 and HH 4/10 ? Does anyone know which variation works best in a recirculating DWC setup ??

    And what exactly are the differences ??

    I also have another question.. I am aware that PK helps build bigger and better buds, but it says use it for only a week! What would happen if I chose to use it all throughout Flowering ?? would it do any harm... or is it perfectly ok to do so ??

    All comments, help and interest welcomed :) - STELTHY :leaf:
    Phillip J Fry

    Phillip J Fry Active Member

    I am not a expert or anything but 4/8 and 9/18 sure seem like the same ratio to me. 9/18 is just over double the strength of 4/8. As for 4/10 it just a little heavier on the K than the others. Not sure which one fits into your other foods/additives best. If you know the exact amount of each element you want to produce from your mixture of foods then you can use a program like HydroBuddy to figure out which might fit best in your mixture.
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    if your burning leaves you may have too much K already or somthing is too high in your mix, look at the NPK ratios on everything else thats goin into the resivoir and then decide which addative is right, if your base has a high K rating get the one with lower K if it has a low K rating get the one with the higher K rating. Pretty simple. Also like fry said 9/18 is just double strength feed it at half strength and u basically have 4/8

    dirtysnowball Well-Known Member

    either one will be fine, i would use them as a supplement to your pre-existing nute mix. K should always be the high nute because it regulates water/nutes/plant respiration/stem thickness/ but most of all it controls FRUIT density/mass/smell/taste

    heres what i use;
    veg = 3-2-3
    1st part of flowering = 2-3-3
    2nd part of flowering = 2-2-3
    flush good 10 days before harvest. let it dry then flush again. let soil dry completely then harvest!

    heres what ed rosenthal uses:

    N is the saltiest nute, N is the only one that burns. if you have an excess of the P or K stuff will get locked out, but nothing will get burned.

    NPK affect taste, N makes it nasty and salty, i think leaving some K will make it taste better like with apples. if you dont leave any nutes it wont smell or taste as much.

    stelthy Well-Known Member


    I have alot of nuits I can use, however for my current grow I will be using the entire CANNA range ie/

    :leaf: Canna Start

    :leaf: Canna Hydro Vega A+B

    :leaf: Canna Hydro Florez

    :leaf: Canna Rhyzotonic

    :leaf: Canna Cannazym

    :leaf: *** Hammer Head *** (Not Canna PK 13/14)

    :leaf: Canna Boost

    I also use 2 drops of Super-Thrive, and plan to use Cha-Ching and ROX as well, I was going to use Bud-Candy to but want to keep things fairly simple for this grow..


    I am growing a Royal-Haze Fem (SCROG) in 10L DIY DWC tubs and want Amsterdam Coffee-Shop hi-end results..

    When it comes to NPK values do I add them all together ?? what sort of numbers should I be aiming for??

    I've never had any major probs growing my plants but if improvements can be made on their quality of life, I'd like very much to improve it for them etc :) Also I've heard that when apply PK its a good idea to cut back on all your other nuits... is there any truth in this or is it an old wives tale etc :)

    Is the combination of nuits I am using ok ?? or from the nuits I have (Pictured above) could I use them in a better combination for superior results ??

    Thanks for all the replies so far +REP! - STELTHY :leaf:
    Phillip J Fry

    Phillip J Fry Active Member

    Check this out

    You can enter in the exact amounts of each element for all your products.
    Then you tell it the total amounts you would like your mixture to contain.
    Click calculate and it figures out how much of each product you need and which ones you don't.

    dirtysnowball posted some good NPK mixtures but what about all the other elements?

    Hydrobuddy has these inputs for each product:

    Any good mixtures for all those lingering around these parts?
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    What? No Eye of Newt by Canna Fantana?
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Speaking of being away, that's the biggest myth by those that piss off money on snake oils as opposed to buying books on indoor plant culture and nutrition. PK DOES NOT build shit, it only supports certain plant processes. Quite the contrary, the abuse of those macros at the exclusion or limiting of N will produce less bud in the end, as does the stupid practice of flushing. PK macros do not support leaves.

    You guys really need to get a handle on what makes a plant tick. Foliage makes bud, not canna, not AN, not Fox Farms.......

    And just to add fuel to the fire, this topic is not an Advanced Technique, it belongs in the Nutrient forum. If anything's "advanced", it's that sucking sound of money being drawn out of your checking account and flying into the pockets of the shysters you so worship as savior and King.

    Add to such myths that only N "burns" and you have more erroneous info going around and around these forums. Look, a salt is a salt and too much of ANY salt will induce "burn". Leaf burn is the result of moisture stress, a reverse osmosis thingie where water is being drawn out of plant cells because of a salinity imbalance, see my sig.

    If you don't think epsom salts will burn your plants, try drenching them with 1 TB per liter. Same goes for potassium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, etc......any salt or for the noobs, any "nute".

    Good luck,
    Uncle Ben

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    CANNA make complete base nutrients (but without Calcium cos you're supposed to use them with tap water)...can you please tell me how they're not "balanced"?
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Can you please direct me to where they disclose the values? All I can find is the typical pimping as opposed to a bonafide, honest manufacturer like Dyna-Gro that discloses everything. Like most (if not all) snake oil vendors, they (canna, AN, etc.) do not tell you what is in (or not in) their products.

    Water profiles vary greatly with little to no Ca in areas of high rainfall to outrageous Ca and Mg where I live. The TDS of my well water is 639, which is considered "limiting" for good plant health.


    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Back of the bottle perhaps? ;) Thats the flower one, same as the veg with different percentages.

    Seems to work for me, keeps plants nice and green until harvest and gives good yields on the Base nutes alone.

    First pic is back of Terra Flores bottle, second is my vegging plants right now on Terra Vega and the last pic is Day 51 of Flowering on the last batch flowered 4-5 weeks from seed...

    I can see my epic fail alright.... ;-)

    EDIT: UncleBen, why knocking the Canna again? Dyna-grow sell "Snake Oils" too, doesnt mean their nutes are shit.

    EDIT: Cannawizard...RO is only for people who live in a place with shitty water. Most of the civilised world has water drinkable from the tap...if its good for me, its good for my plants. I just cant believe you'd say AN is balanced, thats THE most ridiculous thing Iv ever heard...balanced if you buy 15 bottles of crap for like $1000...have you ever seen AN's Guaranteed Analysis?! Balanced...no, complete in one bottle...fuck no.

    Attached Files:


    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    All tap water in my country and most of the ones around me is drinkable straight from the tap...guess those European standards must be alot higher than the US ones ;)

    But just for shits and giggles...pH 7-7.5,TDS of 80-100 and flouride treated... just so you know.

    Guess its all the limestone... :D

    EDIT: And I didnt ask for your opinion on the nutes, I simply stated that you saying AN is more balanced than Canna is one of the most ridiculous things Iv ever heard...and you know organic and mineral nutrients both feed the plant the same ions btw, just slower?

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Yeah Ill read that flouride BS in a minute, Im just rushing down to the shop to get the materials for my tin-foil hat first...just like yours ;)

    No offense intended by the way, just friendly banter.

    EDIT: And just cos YOU cant use tap for your nutes, doesnt mean the rest of the world cant, so stop generalising. And Im pretty sure you got nothing to add, so you done arguing for the sake of arguing?
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    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    To be honest anyways I more wanted to see if UncleBen would "snake-oil stamp" my nutes after reading the Guaranteed Analysis on the bottle...he doesnt like Canna, and I think its great!
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    I don't have a bottle and won't buy one just to see what's in it. It is not published on the internet as opposed to this - http://www.dyna-gro.com/936.htm

    Canna used to sell CO2 tabs pimped to enhance root growth. Any one that knows basic plant culture realizes that's the last thing roots need.

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    What will happen if I use a PK solution all through-out Flowering? will I be any better/worse off? (not financially - I dont care :)) - STELTHY :leaf:

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    Will it do anything positive or nothing at all after its initial use ? - STELTHY :leaf:

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    So using it more than advised could result in bigger buds ? .. hmm I may have to try this :) - STELTHY :leaf:

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    UncleBen please don't ignore the fact I posted the picture of the Guaranteed Analysis on the bottle and divert talking about some old soiltabs.


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