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Which is the Best Autoflowering Strain?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ToastedFox, Jul 4, 2008.


    ToastedFox Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping somoene can give me an answer.. As well smell wont be an issue as I'll make my own carbon filter and the box will be sealed overall.

    I'm looking at moving back out on my own again soon and well.. looking at ending up using my 75watt hps with 4 120 watt CFL's and well decided my best bet was a small space autoflowering for my personal grow box as I'll be losing use of my 600... :(

    The nitty gritty is those lighting specs, and the box is 17Wx29Lx30H.. I'm also planning to breed the plants.. but can at the moment only afford one strain and plan to breed it the first batch for more seeds.

    ToastedFox Well-Known Member


    Also even if you haven't tried them all just letting me know a little about the one you've grown cause all I mostly see people post about on autoflowering is...

    "I've heard they suck" I don't want what people have heard, I've want what they have experenced first hand if possible.

    Mostly I'm wanting this strain as a hobby grow then major harvest.

    Cronk Well-Known Member

    i keep hearing around this forum that auto flowerers suck! why is this?
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    why don't you get the mixed seed pack? you get 5 more seed, for less money, thats what i did, that way you will have a few different strain growing, then you can pick the one you like for making seeds

    jon10 Active Member

    hi i also was wondering if there was any results or advice in choosing an autoflowering strain, but if you bought that seed mix of autos can you tell me which strains were better than others? i was looking into either Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder or perhaps thew new lowlife Blueberry but any input is appreciated
    thanks alot bro good smokin to ya

    amcgin02 Well-Known Member

    I like the ak-47 by lowlife seeds, ALOT. Its bountiful in bud, smells like crazy once you hit 3 plants though. Just harvested mine last night and trimmed the buds this afternoon. Looks good so far, the early harvested buds that were quick dried smoked good and gave a good buzz!!!

    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    i've only grown 1 autoflowering strain, joint doctor's diesel ryder and it's fucking phenomenal! check the grow out in my sig...i yielded over an oz per plant with 400 watts and anybody that says auto's suck is a moron or hasn't grown em themselves! the buds came out as good as any regular strain i've grown with the taste of diesel and grapfruit...this stuff is serious dank, try it, you won't be dissapointed...

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    I'm doing lowryder 1 and snowryders.... 3" tall...3rd set of leaves and just starting to show....

    My 1st auto attempt....

    jon10 Active Member

    Damn man thats a buncha good news me and my friend might buy a pack of the diesel ryder and tht ak 47 soon we just got 1 skunk #1 2 church 1 bf bluechees and 1 whiteberry should be sprouting sooon! =D

    but amc- sounds amazing man i know your girls definitly looked good i bet there gonna smoke amazing man congrats

    growkind- man thats just great news man i love disel and im sure those are just chronic

    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    yeah bro, ya'll won't be disappointed!! it's some premium smoke forsure..

    renegade69 Active Member

    buddah white dwarf - i got from 5 fem seeds 48-56 gram dried per plant in a 6" pot(came in green packet). I have been doing theese babies from first out.This is the best i have had untill i just bought 10 more that came in a (red pack) and theese ones still have three weeks to go, but they are a diferant structure with more branches and arehaving to have their feed changed to compinsate. So i dont think ill get a lot from this-looking like around 24-30 gram. We use our own grow chart and have never had any probs untill this new batch. Theese were the best yeilding LR's,

    jonny2009 Active Member

    the best auto i have grown was off this silly site i got a free seed from last year the plant was called superlime was very sweet smellin bud and strong stone for an auto. before that i had grown lowrider :-( let me tell u people lowrider is not worth it!! the shit dint even get me stoned but there are lots of new auto-flowering plants out so your best of lookin around mate

    jpack183 Member

    I'm currently growing Diesel Ryder, Easy Ryder (which is Joint doctor's ak x), and Blue Ryder all from Joint Doctor. It's to early to make a call on the Blue Ryder, but I can tell you the Diesel is bigger and has matured faster, but the ak looks like it has more trychs. Unfortunatley I'm just finishing up the flowering stage and havent gotten to taste any of them yet.

    nosmoker Member

    I no this is an old thred but just for peeps like me that have just come across it the best thing i have found to do in genrle is to go for the newest strain avalible to the market because autoflowers are still being developed...

    Some of the early strains wasn't worth bothering with as the thc levels were very poor...

    Ther constantly getting that level up so the newer the strains the better !!!
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    thunder99 Active Member

    Right on nosmoker, good advice. I thought this may be the case... well just because it makes sense. Autoflowering strains are a new frontier so they will only get better as time goes on. I think I've found the one! A new Strain from Sargartha (spelling) White Russian. BTW I just noticed you posted this about 5 months ago so.... hope all is well. haha.
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    Reeves Well-Known Member

    I just bought

    1x Seedsman: Auto Blue
    1x Short Stuff: MI5

    The Auto Blue is a Lowryder #2 male from the Joint Doctor with an old Blueberry mother, which originated from Sagarmartha Seeds.

    cdopa Member

    Il Diavolo is pretty damn nice...got over 3 oz per plant in hydro, and is derived from Critical Plus. It looks, works and tastes like critical plus! Done from sprout to harvest in about 65 days. Il Diavolo.jpg

    hydroponiccronic Member

    autoflowering is the new way to blow...ive tried feminized short ryder from nirvana and the things went from seed to bud in exactly 2 months. It was actually extremely easy and low maintenance. You dont need a veg room or clone room, and even though your lights need to be on for 20 hours a day threw the entire grow your plants will finish earlier so your not really using more electricity. I think a good way to start is with a nice stack of autoflowers and then slowly make your way into the normal strains which are a little more hands on.

    flyboy44 Member

    Do you still have contact info for your dealings with superlime i'm really trying to get hold of them without much luck can you help me out?

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