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Which Dispensaries Should I Take My Overages to?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by streets, May 19, 2011.


    streets Well-Known Member

    i would love to do this, but i have no idea how to go about it and currently do not want to them to hand me a tax form...
    a dog named chico

    a dog named chico Well-Known Member

    Good luck...i have asked a couple different places i have gone and they all say they have a network and are not buying outside of it.

    weeds247 Well-Known Member

    Dispensaries are illegal and they take all your information down before they will even speak with you.

    Other Caregivers/Patients are your best bet to be safe. There is so much 'basement homegrown' quality going around that no one will pay more than 200/oz for it even if you have been growing for 20 years and etc...

    LordWinter New Member

    Weeds, we need to be as correct as we can, cause there is all sorts of confusion on the issue. Dispensaries, unless there is newly established legal statute that says otherwise, are neither legal or illegal because they are not addressed in the law. This lack of being addressed is also the reason for so much confusion on overages.

    The bottom line for anyone, however, is this... Interpret the law as you see fit, it is your right and freedom to do so. I can, however, promise you that LEO WILL enforce the law AS NARROWLY AS POSSIBLE. It is simply what they have been trained to do. If you don't mind being a test case in the state justice system... go ahead and press your luck by selling overages to dispensaries and whatnot. If you don't feel lucky, though... stick to your 5 patients (4 additional patients if you grow for yourself), and grow ONLY enough to ensure a constant supply without going over the limit of having 2.5oz for each of your registered patients on hand at any given time. It's very do-able. It just takes planning and monitoring your yield. Easy-peasy... right?

    LordWinter New Member

    Murfy, it comes down to whether you feel lucky or not. The law says specifically 5 patients, but makes no mention whether you count as one of your five if you grow for yourself, or whether you do not count. If you don't mind being a test case... go ahead, but LEO is going to treat those grey areas as though they are still under the jurisdiction of the prohibitive laws that "prevent" street sale of MJ. That's what I'm trying to tell people. Most folks don't realize that the grey areas in the law make that much difference in how we're looked at when LEO has to look at us for whatever reason. If you're like me, and don't want to deal with being a test case, then you wanna interpret the law as narrowly as possible and say that it's you, plus 4 patients, and grow accordingly.

    It all comes down to how much money you can afford to sink into a criminal defense attorney and how much time you're willing to spend in jail to defend your interpretation of the law, really.

    weeds247 Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure that the MDCH has cleared any of your "confusion":


    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]You, or your designated primary caregiver, may grow your marihuana. There is no place in the state of Michigan to legally purchase medical marihuana.

    Hence, why I say that caregivers/patients.

    LordWinter New Member

    I see your point, weeds, and your logic is sound. The problem comes in when you look at the fact that the rule about no place to legally purchase mmj has no statutory backing in caselaw, and the law from which it is interpreted is vague on the issue. That's where all the "Sell all the overages you want" mentality is coming from. I agree with you that it isn't legal, but until we have a judge weigh in at the state supreme court level, it's going to be up for debate, regardless of what you or I say.

    If you can prove me wrong, I'll gleefully eat my words because it will just strengthen the argument I've been making all along... that dispensaries are "not legal" and therefore illegal until we're told otherwise by a judiciary.
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    Take your pick...

    I can find 162 dispensaries operating in the state.
    29 in the Detroit area.
    26 in the Lansing/Jackson area. (gotta love the "illegal/gray area" dispensary operating 5 blocks from the capitol)
    I've got 20 in my area. 3 new ones in the last month. (one posts their THC level test results for each strain on their menu)

    You can find all of their address's and even phone numbers right here : http://legalmarijuanadispensary.com/
    Some even advertise their menu of meds and costs.

    Generally if they are transferring for 20+ a gram they are donating 250 to 275 an oz for it to caregivers.
    And not all of them require a membership/paper work.
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    r1tony New Member

    Of course they are.. and its no doubt 98% not legal.

    MIway Active Member

    Yeah, but if you bring the dank... the sticky icky... and are cool... u in da circle bro!

    And that 98%... really it's just that the law is 98% lacking... not addressed doesn't necessarily mean not legal... ;-)

    r1tony New Member

    Well then they shouldn't cry about being busted or harassed if you want to stretch, bend, misinterpret, contort, switch or what ever the current laws of the state.

    MIway Active Member

    ^^^^ well, it is a pretty damn large injustice... being tossed in jail for as non-violent of a personal act as one can partake in...

    Get it fucking straight man... you should be a little more considerate about suggesting some people 'deserve' jail... especially weed, man...

    Reality check bro... that shit just ain't cool.

    LordWinter New Member

    I don't give a fuck if it's an injustice or not. The law is the law. You break it, you go to jail. Your fault, end of story. Be more considerate suggesting some deserve jail? Look at the way you idiots are behaving! We barely let the ink dry on the damn law we DO have before lunatics like you start finding loopholes and grey areas and turn the whole damn thing into a circus. You wanna fuck with the law... fine. It doesn't affect me one single bit. But don't come on here acting like you're the cannabis legislation messiah just because you choose NOT to obey the law we busted our asses to get, and end up singing like a canary to half the DEA about the idiots you let talk you into selling your overages to, and all just to keep from taking your last shit in a goddamn cage. Grow the hell up and come back to reality. Some of you guys are a lot of fun to talk to when you don't have your heads up your asses.
    medable amn

    medable amn Member

    Hey Winter, Go fuck yourself troll. Over 160 clinics in the state proves your are full of shit.

    fatality Well-Known Member

    it's fuckin illegal dumbass, read the fuckin law, thats why its there, to read, end of story, it says you cannot sell your shit, so keep it on the DL, just go to the dispensary and ask em if they need your info for you to make a donation, if so, walk right back out the door, cuz when your on da paper, da paper dont lie, the feds will have you, good luck shmuck
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    LordWinter New Member

    This coming from the guy who used his fourth post EVER, to try and devolve this into a free-for-all.

    Yep, I guess the law that THE PEOPLE VOTED IN is full of shit too since it doesn't even mention a dispensary. Figure out how to read the law before you try to take me to school on it. I've been studying that shit since the day it got voted in.
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    .(e) A registered primary caregiver may receive compensation for costs associated with assisting a registered qualifying patient in the medical use of marihuana. Any such compensation shall not constitute the sale of controlled substances.

    MIway Active Member

    ^^^ jesus guys... where do you think all the dank comes from? how do you think these laws came about?

    you fucking ingrates... coming into the game so very, very late... so very many people's lives ruined by the wrongful & misplaced drug laws... and here you are... touting the newest of laws... promoted by those really being persecuted & those with an agenda greater than this first step in a very long process... slinging shit about those very people you owe this newly emerged 'right'. fucking get it straight man... people are in jail for your holier than thou attitude... you ungrateful fucks.

    Edit... sorry Buddy... not your post... those little fuckers above you... ;-)

    LordWinter New Member

    MIway, attitudes like yours are the reason politicians are scrambling to regulate mmj into extinction in half the states that have passed the laws. You don't give a damn about the people who need the meds or the people who WANT to grow for them because more people like that just make it harder for you to flood the dispensaries with your "overages". After all, if all the patients get caregivers, who's going to pay the $300/oz and up that the dispensaries expect patients to spend?

    You just want people to jump on the "Overages and Dispensaries" bandwagon so it can legitimize what you're doing, breaking the law. After all, you're the ones who act like just because we have legal pot patients in some states now, that the federal government should let you open up a fucking Wal-Mart to sell it to them. You'll never be satisfied until you can sling your genetics by the pound on a street corner to anyone who wants it. I get it... not a bad goal to have because we actually AGREE that pot SHOULD BE COMPLETELY LEGAL.

    Where we split is on how we get there. You come on here spouting your drivel and then come at me with talk of being holier than thou and ungrateful when you can't even accept the law as it is written? Where I come from, we teach our kids that the ingrates are the ones who take a gift and turn around and demand more, or bitch about what they should have gotten.

    MIway Active Member

    ^^^ Perfect... I'l take the bait & have this conversation... seeing that you took the time to give better representation of your position.

    For starters... we both agree that weed/medical marijuana is not a harm... never has & won't ever be. My point of contention, that you are dismissing, is that the freedoms you enjoy now, under the umbrage of medical marijuana laws, is at the cost of freedom to others... quite literally, jailed. We aren't discussing crack in the elementary schools... we as educated adults, recognize the 'War on Drugs' for the irrationality that it really is. We all seemingly agree here... just w/o recognition of the history that got us the to present day.

    The laws, as discussed in theory, is something that is mutable & dynamic... changing & altering as the demands & needs of a society change. This is how it is with marijuana... recognizing the irrational fears that instigated it, the prejudice under which it was executed & the inevitable recognition (by otherwise rational adults) that the whole endeavor was misguided & wrong.

    What you have now is the culmination of a number of factors... but the primary impetus of MMj is to in fact decriminalize & ultimately to legalize. With the underlying agreement that the War on Drugs, in particular, the demonizing of marijuana, was/is wrong.

    I make the moral distinction when it comes to ruining a person's life... and those of their family members... and the community & country by extension... a wrong... an evil... that is perpetuated under the existing laws. I do believe in Civil Disobedience.

    It is disrespectful & ungrateful & presumptuous & short sighted of you to make moralistic judgments upon people... without any real regard to the consequence of such irresponsible dribble... attitudes like yours allow for the continuation of these laws... that ruin the lives of our peoples, family & society.

    The evil isn't weed... the evil is deep within ourselves. And you are putting it on display.

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