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Which are better cfl or t5s

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by bobhoop, Feb 12, 2012.


    bobhoop Active Member

    I found a 4, 24w 2' bulb system with t5s 6500 k. spec.
    its all I can use heat wise, do to several restraints.

    Will thes be as good as, say a 200 w cfl,
    also the t5s blooming bulbs are only 3000 k. spec is that low enough for blooming?
    l will be using a couple of autoflowering seeds, what light spec. and cycles would you use.


    p.s. $120 for system, but I think all other systems would be to hot for my cabinet, in a closet.:!:

    tellno1 Well-Known Member

    the T5 you have does run a lot cooler then the 200wcfl both fixture and room temp wise ... as long as you keep the light close and keep a fan blowing across the bulbs you will have good success ... the T5 bulbs get hot too if you don't have airflow across them

    happy growing

    lilrich11 Active Member

    all depends who you talk to.

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