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Where's the best place to get seeds if you live in the Northeast

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Breezee77, Jan 10, 2017.


    Breezee77 Active Member

    I'm wondering what the best/safest way to get seeds if you live in the NE? Would it be a good idea to drive to Colorado and buy them and drive them back or is there a safer/easier way? Can you get seeds in Massachusetts yet?
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Direct from HSO ..lol

    via the web?

    good luck

    Breezee77 Active Member

    What's HSO? You've bought online before? Do they deliver to any state and is it safe?
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    excel1959 Active Member

    lots of info in the seed and strain review section.
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    Tupapa Well-Known Member

    Hso= Humboldt seed organization
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    ntskingz New Member

    I'm north of Boston and ordered my seeds from Nirvana with no problems
    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member

    attitude .
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    Skeet Kuhn Dough

    Skeet Kuhn Dough Well-Known Member

    The Choice Seedbank, Attitude Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Sannies, Linda Seeds, Discreet Seeds, Midweek Song. Southern Oregon Seeds and James Bean Company are stateside, meaning no customs. Take your pick. I've ordered from The Choice, Attitude and Nirvana. The Choice botched an order but resent what was missing. They hooked it up with 2 white widow by Dinafem as freebies to make amends. This site is full of threads about where to get some good stock. Good luck with your quest. :joint:
    *Edit: If you order from Nirvana do try their Aurora Indica.
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    vostok Well-Known Member


    for the usa nothing better...no fakes here:

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    NinjaShamen Well-Known Member

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    HSO are in the states ???

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    attitude seeds is a UK company.I have purchased seeds from nirvana and they are not shipped from the united states. they do have very good stealth.just checked humboldtseeds web site and their prices are listed in euros. I have had good results buying from ILGM and they also have excellent stealth shipping.their super silver haze is a great choice
    Skeet Kuhn Dough

    Skeet Kuhn Dough Well-Known Member

    Yeah Nirvana ships from the Netherlands. I didn't think they're shipping was that bad. Speaking of HSO, I'm running their 707 Headband right now and she won't be too much longer till harvest.

    NinjaShamen Well-Known Member

    I know, but says right on the site that they won't ship u.s.... kinda fucked up

    NinjaShamen Well-Known Member


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    buy a copy of high times magazine, check the full page ads.
    better yet, while reading the medical grow bible notice the thousands of strains you can buy
    with your credit card
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    Breezee77 Active Member

    Thanks everyone!! Is there a safe way to pay? I mean isn't there risk to buying something like this with your credit card?
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    Skeet Kuhn Dough

    Skeet Kuhn Dough Well-Known Member

    Not so much. Some of the sites I listed won't accept cards. Sannies and Southern Oregon Seeds want cash. They both are legit from what I've heard. If you go to their websites it will inform you under the FAQ section how it shows up on your CC.... at least Attitude does. Risk? There's risk in sneezing. Good luck and and have fun.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    If you are really concerned with a cc then use a gift card. Some work online, some don't, but you can always fill your tank with the ones you can't use online. Put what you are willing to lose on it and buy away.

    Other option overseas is bitcoin. PITA but they take them.

    At some point, we bumpkins here in MA will be able to get them locally. But not until late 2018 (if at all) at this point. We can grow. We can possess. We can consume. But we can't legally buy seeds/cuttings/finished goods. Go figure.

    It leaves us with one foot in the legit world and one in the clandestine. Fwiw, I got seeds from canada and Michigan without issue.
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    Breezee77 Active Member

    Which sites did you order from? How did you pay?

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