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Where to get the real deal Super Silver Haze??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bamacheese, Mar 24, 2013.


    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    After growing two hybrids of this strain from Reserva Privada (Coletrain and Silver LA), I am absolutely dying to find the real deal Super Silver Haze, or whatever the hell they used in these crosses.

    This is genuinely some of the best marijuana I've ever smelled in my life, the sweet candy-like smell, rubbery, fruity and leathery....Oh my lord. Please tell me somebody knows where Reserva Privada got their cut from, because it dominates both of those hybrids, and I am completely digging it.

    Also, does anyone have any pics or a description of the SSH that you have experience with??

    calicat Well-Known Member

    The best SSH I have grown was several years back its from Mr. Nice. I know Bodhi uses it in his SSH hybrids. I am growing a Mad Shack freebie from Sannies seeds. You could look there too at Sannies alot of his creations use ssh elite cut. One that comes to mind that some in this community rave about is the Sugar Punch strain but I believe its still out of stock. IME SSH left alone doesnt taste hazy at all. You mix it with another strain and the classic haze taste is noted for example in real deal blue dream strains. I'll probably post pics onmy mad shack but prolly not for a few weeks. Best of luck with your search man.
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    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    Man, I sure have heard a lot of good things about Sannie's seeds, and Sugar Punch in particular lately. It really makes me want to give them a try. Last time I was hearing this much good about a seedbank it was about TGA, and I haven't been let down in the least from them.

    I've always heard good things about Mr. Nice, but the price gouging really irks me. Definitely worth looking into. It's funny you mention SSH alone not tasting hazy enough, because I've never had it alone, it's always been in a cross with either Jasmine (trainwreck hybrid) or LA Confidential, and both of those strains just reeked of hazy goodness.

    It sounds like you know your shit man, and it sounds like I need to start looking at Sannie's seeds.

    Abercrombie Member

    I think there's a connection with the Dinafem SSH in the Reserva Privada line.


    nuckyt Active Member

    Had some last month yummm!!!

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    nuckyt Active Member

    It had a really heavy flavor. Fruity and cat piss smelling.

    Sativied Well-Known Member

    Got to restrain myself a little here because I'm a little biassed when it comes to Sannie seeds. No relation whatsoever besides being a very happy customer and posting on his (Dutch) forum occassionally.

    That said, Sannie seeds are in many ways the best (imho and fairly limited experience with commercial seeds). My avatar is from my previous run, Sugar Punch. Had two different phenos, smoking it for over a month now. Can't get enough of it, still suprised I grew such quality shit myself. Best yielder I had so far and by far (.95gr/w fully organic with mostly sannie products, he sells organic nutes in a starter package, usually called Sannies-way, but I refer to it as growing for dummies - no ph- ).

    Sugar Punch was sold out, something went wrong with the second batch, they are supposedly available again within a couple of weeks/months. Lot of people waiting on it as it's one to grow "again". I only had green phenotypes, but there's a pink and purple version too. That for many is actually a downside, but since its for personal use I like the variation. If you want to see some more pics of the SP let me know.

    Currently got 5x Liberty Haze from BF and 2x Kollosus from Sannie. Wasnt planning on buying sannie seeds this round because the ones I like are sold out, but the ones from BF didnt germinate as well as expected (only 1 out of the first 5 seeds). Although completely different strains, the Kollosus is clearly so much more eager to live. I decided to always have a couple of Sannie seeds in my room until I find another just as reliable, as backup.

    Sannies Jack is supposedly a great smoke, but the time needed for flowering can vary a lot, weeks, so I wouldnt recommend that one.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Before I start, I haven't been to Amsterdam in years and have never tasted coffee shop bought clone Super Silver Haze. I have grown numerous strains containing it within the strains genetics, and these are thoughts based on that. To me a quintessential Super Silver Haze pheno has crazy foxtail flowers that look finished by about week 8/9 but just keep throwing out more and more foxtail clusters and filling in the longer you leave her. Not grown any actual SSH myself (only it's hybrids) - but the flowering time is stated as 11/12 weeks (for the Greenhouse Seeds (GHS) SSH), and this pheno I'm talking about can be taken this long, even though she looks ready early if you don't check the trichs. The taste and smell are very strong equal parts heavy haze and musky cheese/skunk.

    Some of Sannies strains are Super Silver Haze hybrids bred using 'the' Silver Haze clone from Amsterdam, and have Super Silver Haze phenos. There are good Super Silver Haze phenos amongst Greenhouse Seeds (GHS) Super Lemon Haze but they are few and far between in my experience (2 from 12 grown) - the rest swaying from tall citrus to short skunky. This 'Sugar Punch' (Super Silver Haze X The One) from Sannie from my current grow is demonstrating characteristics I recognise from my Super Lemon Haze grows, with Super Silver Haze being the shared genetics. This girl is a better example than the GHS though - and was found amongst one five pack. I have another that has been vegging for 13 weeks that I believe is the same pheno - will find out when I flower her soon. These pics are at day 60 of 12/12 - I will probably take this one to about day 75.

    DSCN0478.jpg DSCN0479.jpg DSCN0480.jpg DSCN0482.jpg DSCN0483.jpg DSCN0484.jpg

    I just ordered another of Sannie's SSH hybrids - Shackzilla. This is SSH crossed with Sannies Jack Herer X Shiva Skunk cross (Shack), which itself is pretty similar in genetic make up to the SSH. SSH is Haze X Skunk X (Haze)Northern Lights - and Shack is Jack Herer which is Haze X Shiva Skunk (Skunk X Northern Lights) crossed with Shiva skunk. All the component parts are the same, just put together slightly differently. Someone on the review section for the Shackzilla said;

    from - http://www.sanniesshop.com/shackzilla-en.html

    This is one of the things that prompted me to order some Shackzilla (shame the Sugar Punch is not in stock - but I have her still for months yet).

    I will do journals for the Shackzilla when I grow them. See how many SSH phenos come from a five pack. I just have so much confidence with Sannies genetics and breading that I can't bring myself to try any other breaders untill Sannie dissapoints me. (having said that, I have also ordered some Female Seeds C'99 - that I might run alongside the Shackzilla).

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Ha, posted that before reading the rest of the thread. Seems others feel the same as me about Sannie.

    I will do some regular grows at some point in the future, just done fem grows so far. Will certainly check out the Mr Nice SSH when I do (along with his Black Widow).

    Sativied Well-Known Member

    I gave my SP 78-83 days (harvested in stages), here's a pic around harvest time:

    Had 5 plants, 4 of them of the hazy pheno. Some foxtailing but in a good way (very few leafs in the buds, roll blunt from just calyxes).

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    I got 5 beans germinating right now. Pre 1999 ssh got em from a good buddy on a different forum. But these are the real deal. Will let ya know how everything goes.
    joe blow greenthumb

    joe blow greenthumb Well-Known Member

    I've got a Greenhouse Seeds super silver haze. Holding on to it for the next grow. Summer start....

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Nice one, thanks for sharing. :-)

    I have a tall haze dominant SP that will certainly be taking at least 80 days - will probably push her to nearer 90. If her flowers fatten up like the shorter one I posted pics of then she will yield like crazy. Not sure if she is SSH dominant though - others with more experience would have to judge that. I certainly feel the shorter ones is though.

    vikgrushe Member

    это невероятно

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