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Where To Get The Best Deal On Superoots Air-Pots?????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by [email protected], Oct 12, 2012.


    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Initially I was going to use fabric pots for my SOG closet grow but in researching the prices it seems that the Air-Pots really aren't that much more yet are supposedly the best pots available today, I mean check out this guys review/comparison: (--->CLICK HERE<---)
    I talked with my go to guy at the hydro shop and he said that everyone who uses them raves about how much better they work than any other pot they've tried, you simply can not argue with results and these Air-Pots are producing them, I for one am sold, however I can't seem to find a really good deal on them (or at least what I think is a really good deal, lol), I mean I posted this eBay link for a ten pack
    (-->CLICK HERE<--) and someone responded stating "That isn't a very good deal", well can someone please post a link to the best deal you've found on Air-Pots, I need 15 1.5-2gal Air-Pots or whatever size would be best for SOG keeping the plants between 20"-30", vegging for only about a week and flowering for about 5-7 weeks, one cola per plant (preferably the size of a football) is what I'm after. Something like this but with slightly bigger Air-Pots (or are these 3L's the perfect size??):


    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Sativa out :leaf: :peace: [​IMG]:leaf:[​IMG]


    mrcourios Member


    bestbuds09 Well-Known Member

    not for nothing but i think that deal at ebay is pretty good. i use airpots. 1l 2l and 3l. and the last time i placed an order it came out to be around 40$ for 2 2liters and 2 1liters. so i think if you get a case of ten of the 5 liters is going for 50$ and for the case of 10 for the 2liters is for $40. you really cant beat that imho

    and quite frankly i think ill be purchasing a case of the 5 liters. ive been looking around and thats the cheapest ive seen so far.

    one more thing the ones in your pics are not the 3 liters, those are the 1 liters and ive actually pulled over an ounce when i flowered an auto ak47 strain......

    AltarNation Well-Known Member


    mnmobbin Active Member

    Im goin to be starting a sog in .3gal airpots but ilk move the base down to the bottom row making it a .5gal or so. I have two white widows in them as a test 3 weeks into 12/12 and looking great. My strains for the sog will be g13 pineapple express and big buddah cheese. I buy my pots localy $2 a pot but I got a extra 25% off for a case price on 50 of them, so $75 for 50 pots great price. Ill do 4 plants per square foot, so 36 plants in a 3x3 tray in a 4x4 tent that I just upgraded from 600w to 1kw. Should make some fatty dense nugs:)

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