Where to get Irene Kush?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by 404NotFound, Sep 22, 2011.


    404NotFound Active Member

    I've been looking all over for some of these beans and haven't found a bank with them. If anyone knows where I can order some Irene Kush beans from I would greatly appreciate it and toss up some rep.

    404NotFound Active Member

    So no one knows?

    404NotFound Active Member

    So really no one knows where to get Irene Kush beans or if it's just a clone then where to get them at?
    Jakabok Botch

    Jakabok Botch Well-Known Member

    never heard of it....im assumin some stoner on east coast has it....

    firsttimer86 Active Member

    I think its one of those strains that had a name change to sell. I tell you what go buy og kush beans and when you grow them out, Bammmm!!! Irene Kush! Just saying that happens alot. Everyone now has kush. Back in my earlier years it was KB, now its all kush. Being on the east coast I see it all the time. I cant help myself but to laugh at them. Then I ask them where kush came from, then laugh some more. I ve heard Cali, NY, ATL, Fl, and many other places. I also was in a heated discussion not long ago with someone who said only real kush comes from Cali and if its not from Cali then its fake lmao. Some people, but any how before getting to far into the subject it could be 1 or 2 things. 1. It could be a name change or 2. It could be a strain someone crossed and grew out. JMO I think it would be # 1.

    404NotFound Active Member

    Well I appreciate the input. It probably is just a name change, I see that a lot as well here on the east coast. Though maybe people who rap about drugs would have more common sense to actually know what they are talking about. I got my hands on some of it when I stayed in ATL, it was fluffy, with like dark red hairs nice round nugs. A lot of people in the A want Irene Kush, but it was probably made popular by a rapper who got it from someone who claimed it was that. Who knows really. I just didn't know if it was a legit strain or not. Thank you for clearing it up.

    firsttimer86 Active Member

    Sounds like they need to listen to wiz! lol

    404NotFound Active Member

    Right? lol. Wiz is like a connoisseur.

    Juneya Member

    I hate when a person who has no idea of what they are talking about gives an opinion.

    Its not a name change. And it's native to Atlanta from what I've heard. I smoked it and nothing but it for at least 16 months. Best weed Ive had, ever. And it definitely wasn't OG.

    If you don't know, don't respond.

    Illbilliv Active Member

    I know the Wiz reps Pittsburgh

    boogie4200 Well-Known Member

    word im smoking on that Irene kush right now...its still one of the best strain i ever had!
    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 De@th Well-Known Member

    it's a very rare og that only a very few selective people have.

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