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where to buy weed in Vancouver, Canada

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by anonymousz, Mar 12, 2009.

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    anonymousz Active Member

    if you're new to Vancouver or travelling to here email to find the latest stores where to buy. it auto-responds just make sure you put in some sort of subject line so gmail doesn't flag it as spam.

    Vancouver currently has
    - weed tours you can take (hosted by a cute girl). she'll also find you weed friendly bed & breakfast accomodation if u want.
    - F/T stores operating where you can walk in and buy
    - Cafe's everywhere, including the new BC Marijuana Party Vapourizer lounge
    - Internet mail order delivery that isn't a ripoff (no fake herbal 'legal weed'.. it's the real thing)
    - Cannabis Day events (July 1st every yr) such as the Toker's Bowl and Ganja games, where you can sample bezerker quality hash.

    Sadly the days of Da Kine Cafe where you could buy weed off a menu are gone, but there are still some cafe's around where you can meet somebody to buy off site, or try the options in the email. Personally I recommend buying some bud at the 'secret store', then going to a vape or cafe to smoke it where you'll definitely meet other ppl to hook you up with the better quality stuff, like Kush/Bubblehash.

    redsky97 Active Member

    go find a corner dealer other than that ur wasting your time noone here is gonna tell ya shit unless you can... legaly get it then stilll ...go find it urself

    smellychronic Well-Known Member

    I went to VC April of 2007 with my rugby team and had no problem find bud. But i did have a problem finding a blunt wrap. I guess Canadians do not some blunts...
    There is a pro-pot cafe on some street, set up like a Amsterdam Cafe. Upstairs there were 5 dudes sitting in a circle of chairs tokin. They were nice and hooked me up.

    Louis541 Well-Known Member

    Should people who only read the title be able to reply?

    gogrow confused

    not allowed whatsoever

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