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where to buy hash oil?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by GangaGirl, Nov 17, 2011.


    GangaGirl Active Member

    I read that one can make edibles with hash oil. I'm a terrible cook, so I probably shouldn't attempt cannabutter or anything on my own. It's in my best interest to let someone else do the work. :D In particular, I want to make items like lollypops, things I can eat in public, at reggae shows, etc.

    Where can I get hash oil of good quality? Especially in the West Michigan area?

    Appreciate any leads!

    TheHerbConnoisseur Member

    either grow yourself, and use fine trim or bud in order to make oil, or you could even buy some trim off of a fellow grower, making oil is incredibly simple, as is butter, goodluck to ya' :]

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    Scrap the scrap and use quality buds for quality oil :)

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    Good luck man. Quality hash oil is hard to find b/c it requires a lot of quality raw pot and it's difficult to work with so for the most part you either need a friend who grows or you need to do it yourself. It's not hard.....hop on and take the ride!

    stumpjumper New Member

    My "scrap" has as much trichomes as the buds.... that would be dumb...

    Sugar leaf trim will be fine for making edibles. I don't think budder would work well for lollipops, never made anything like that though.

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    I certainly don't waste anything but all of my available trim is used for butter or dry ice hashed and then buddered. You want high quality buds for oil makins due to the cost of butane unless cost is something that isn't a concern for the chef. All I know is that 5x filtered butane ran me about $5 / can for the small cans of colibri and 4x filtered knockoff brand was $5/can for double the amount but added impurities. Those cans go VERY fast in the process so $20 and many cans of butane can be burned up rather quickly. Then again, I never have tried ISO hash but from my understanding of how that method of extraction works, it seems like it would be the best method for extracting hash oil with good sugar leaf as ISO is super cheap.

    My next try is gonna be some tincture oil....can't remember if it was you or murfy that posted the tutorial but I'm gonna give it a run and see how well it works. I'm hoping that I can produce a tincture strong enough that a few drops can be placed under the tongue and powerful effects felt. It's a work in progress....can't wait to see how it turns out :)

    Danksnaps420 Member

    like other said make your own....just be verry carefull and always spray outside.....google butane extraction instructional for some good info its on a different forum

    ismokealotofpot New Member

    I have a tutorial on how to make the tincture I posted it in michigan forum do it yourself and medicating forums.

    ismokealotofpot New Member

    I dont know about a few drops. it would have to real concentrated. In my tutorial I used 6 grams of oil to make a 3 1/2 ounce bottle that was real strong 1 teaspoon dose. perfect for brownies.

    ismokealotofpot New Member

    IMG_0224.JPG that looks like good butane hash.

    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    maybe it's the ambient lighting in the picture but it looks orange?

    Danksnaps420 Member

    yea that was orange ....it was some agent orange budder......and it was damn tastey/medicating

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

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