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Where to buy clones in Sacramento area???

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by 6ixtynin9, Dec 29, 2015.


    6ixtynin9 Well-Known Member

    I recently moved and lost my 2 thousand dollars (probably more) worth of seed pack. 15+ years of selective breeding and strain preservation/collecting..... GONE!!! What a shame. As much as I hate dealing with clubs/dispensary and their price gouging, I, unfortunately, am forced to. I haven't dealt with clubs in a very long time but has heard many old one were closed down and many new ones opened up. Which (current) clubs in Sac are reputable and has verifiable genetics? Also good strain selection? Thanks.

    Downbytheriver Active Member

    just see who is carrying dark heart cuts. thats your best bet

    6ixtynin9 Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken, Dark Heart is a club based out of the bay area correct? Had a guy yell me DH is where it's at. Had another guy tell me DH buys most of their (unverified) clones from outsiders, as long as it looks good. I tried Craigslist, full of cops and scammers. Tried budtrader, full of assholes and flakes. Have you tried CaliGenetics based out of Sacramento? They claim to deal with nothing but the best real deal cuts and (and unlike clubs) they do not accept cuts from outsiders. Tried researching but found nothing on them. No one knows who they are either?

    Downbytheriver Active Member

    there are clubs in sac that carry (well did last year) DH cuts. call around. or you can call DH and see where they do cut drops.
    Lara vanhousen

    Lara vanhousen Well-Known Member

    dhn, dark heart nursery....at rcp... not all of them are keepers but theyre not bad.... normally huge lines on drop days... unless its changed cant see the menu untill they open...
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    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    paul prochaska po box 215622 sacramenento ca. 95821............stay away from him for he riped me off a big seed order that I could not afford to loose do to having cancer but as of now iam cancer free but I needed the seeds to grow to make oil that's been a god savor for me.now I have no money to buy more seeds.if it sounds to good to be true it propley is.he was selling seeds on budtrader.
    Lara vanhousen

    Lara vanhousen Well-Known Member

    i thought people stopped using bud trader a couple years back
    Lara vanhousen

    Lara vanhousen Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear... hope things go better
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    lara..thank you I will never go on budtrader again and it was my first time on budtrader.he just feed me a line of shit and where iam from people are not like that and I fell for his lie.no ones falt but mine.
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    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Check out Dr's Orders on Main in Sac. They don't have a great selection but sometimes sell teens. I haven't had an issue with any clones from them though. Good luck.

    6ixtynin9 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Stopped by RCP and they didn't have the strain I was looking for.

    Sorry to hear about that. "paul prochaska po box 215622 sacramenento ca. 95821". Got it! Thanks for the heads up. I fucking hate scammers with a passion. I don't hand over money at all unless the products are on hand. When it comes to seeds, I only deal with verified and reputable seedbanks. I'll will set up an appointment with him and beat his ass for you if I ever run into him. LOL! All jokes aside, hope all goes well with you and the seeds.

    I didn't now any better. I had no idea who and what kind of people were on budtrader and craigslist as I've ever only dealt with seedbanks, except this one time after loosing my entire seed collection.

    Thanks, will check 'em out.
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    916Grower420 Member

    Sscc, FWC & collective efforts I think all in south sac area

    MeJuana Well-Known Member

    CC101 and Doctor's orders have great clones that seem to be what they say. I scored Triangle Kush from one of them and I thought it was a scam for sure but it seems legit. I recently started getting clones again as I usually just mail cuttings / receive cuttings from friends usps. Got mites and ended up taking down 1 foot flowering plants that were 2 weeks in due to mites. I fugged up bad.. So my advice, make a sealed cabinet to keep the clones far away from your grow, and for the easy win, shower after handlng them. Mites are defeatable don't believe the hype, not if you won't fight tho.

    CaliGenetics Member

    Hi we're still around and still making legit clones. You can google caligenetics to find our website.

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