where to buy cal mag?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by BigCheif, Aug 23, 2010.


    BigCheif Active Member

    hi, i just recently learned i need some cal mag, but im having trouble finding where to buy it. Is this something that can be bought locally, like at lowes? Or is there something i can use as a substitute that i can buy locally? If not, does anyone no of a good website thats cheap lol. Im always on a budget, and i think i just need a small ammount, not like a gallon, that just sounds expensive. Thnx for all the help every1!

    dwallace Member

    google a local hydro store around you, or just type cal mag into google and click on shopping and you see all the links.

    BigCheif Active Member

    i have a hydro store but its about 2 hours away =(...but ill prob go out there anyway. I try to aviod buying things online, not sure why. i just thought maybe there was something around the house i could use. kinda like how some people use lemon juice or w/e for their ph.

    oJUICEBOXo Active Member

    Dude ordering nutes online is fine because it's not marijuana specific. There are thousands of hydroponic vegetable gardeners out there too that need a lot of the same stuff. Trust me man nutes are safe online, that's how I buy a lot of mine. Ebay stores are great...

    BigCheif Active Member

    lol i am VERY paranoid sometimes. I just ordered some tho xD under 15$ for 8 0z bottle. hope this stuff works O.O

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