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Where...Panda film.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Mr Bud, Aug 13, 2007.

    Mr Bud

    Mr Bud Well-Known Member

    Was wondering where i could purchase panda film locally. like maybe walmart?:blsmoke:

    BloodShotI'z Well-Known Member

    The only places Ive seen it is hydro shops.

    They sell it by the foot (1ftx10ft) or you can buy a 100ft roll for about $80-90. Per ft. its about $1-$1.50. Depending on where you shop.

    Its great shit. Get some.

    Order it online if you dont have a shop near you.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    ive been looking myself mr bud,for that or mylar,so ill help with a bump!!!!

    dabull69 Well-Known Member

    yeah check your phone book for a local grow shop will be the best place to find it. or for mylar check ur local craft shop for some mylar wrapping paper. its pretty thin but its super cheap and works well if u can keep it smooth lol.

    Shook Well-Known Member

    go into your yellow pages and look up hydro then go to their website, most definitely panda film

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Walmart wont have it. I always get it at local hydro shops or online. Ebay sells it usually comes in 8 foot or 10 foot by 50 or 100 feet rolls.Never saw a 1 foot by 100 foot rol as its made fro covering rooms which are standard 8 or 10 foot walls. Worm's Way - Gardening Products, Supplies, Service, Support, and Knowledge Base for all your hydroponics, indoor, outdoor and organic gardening needs, year 'round! has it or even ebay just search panda film. Both have mylar also or for cheap mylar go to a dollar store look for wrapping paper that is shinny. That stuff is mylar and the back is uncolored silver mylar for a Buck a roll of 15-25 feet.Same stuff.Belive its called polwrap made or regualr mylar.I got a stock pile of it so if ya want it I can sell some rols of it its like 3 feet by 15 feet rolls and Id sell them for $8 a roll shipped in the us$15 if you want it 2-3 priority

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