Where is the safest to grow in a rented apartment or in a rented house

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    whydoineedthis123 Member

    Hey guys I wanted to ask a new question on rollitup, I'm sure we've had those times of worry and as such I wanted to know which is a safer route when it comes to growing? Are their any general rules when it comes to growing? Should newbies be growing in rented apartments or rented houses (IE rented basement apartments I don't have 1.5-2k to rent a whole house per month..) Any feed back would be great thanks!!!

    Mr.Natural Active Member

    If your not in a MMJ friendly state, use someone else house, with their permission....and split harvest...

    whydoineedthis123 Member

    Well I live in Canada and don't really know of any one that owns their own house. I'm just asking in a general sense which is safer. I've heard in other posts that its safer to grow in a house that's been converted into an apartment compared to growing in a building, but this was only one persons opinion.

    stone604 Active Member

    I would say bedroom closet.

    I figure it depends on how big you go and if your landlord checks up on you etc.

    whydoineedthis123 Member

    See I figured as much too. Bedroom closet is great but my hopes was purchasing a bloombox and going from there. The apartment I'm at now (which is in a building) landlord came in without prior notice and since I was half asleep when he walked in I just fell back asleep. Thankfully Nothing was growing but had their I'd be well I'd be not typing right now. Are their any statics out their in regards to where people get booked?

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I would not even bother to do such within a apartment building due to the risks and maintenance dept having emergency access .. Forget those unsafe places like that , rent an upstairs apartment in an older house .. Make sure to invest in the very best filtration and use ozone machines if needed and all shall be fine ..

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Ideally one would want to be in a home but this is not always feasible , I lived in a metropolitan city and grew in upstairs apartments for years and years .. It had an advantage as upstairs apartments are always less desired and sometimes lower in rent as well .. Bonus if there is an attic ..

    whydoineedthis123 Member

    Thank you, that's the type of info I was looking for. So house is the way to go, is their a reason for it to be upstairs other then rent or would a basement do just as fine?

    Trailingpickles Well-Known Member

    Should never grow on someones property with out consent.

    stone604 Active Member

    How many are you planning on growing?
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    Apartments are a no-no in my opinion. Any place where maintainence has access to your place is a bad idea. Plus apartment walls are thin and it would be hard to hide the noise of a fan imo.

    silasraven Well-Known Member

    find a new lock for bedroom door and grow in the bedroom. get a tent to also lock the tent when leaving. if it can be behind locked closet with locked tent and locked bedroom. there is where your worries are all gone
    diet coke

    diet coke Active Member

    Spring is nearly here. get some auto's and hit the woods

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Your Welcome ,

    Basements usually have shared utilities and pipes most times not with houses that have been modified into apartments and as well heat rises along with possible escaped odors , hence my preference for upstairs apartments ..Peace ... PotSnob

    333maxwell Active Member

    This was my apt box.. worked like a charm.. I could shut it down in 5 minutes if I needed.. Odor eliminating CFL's and some activated carbon helped to keep the smells to a minimum.. the worst it got was some days it would smell like the cat box needed changed.

    Not pretty.. but it worked, was covert and when you shut her down just looked like a tarp over some music gear (in my case).

    Whatever you do, understand there are always risks.. I was a medical card holder in my state, that said I didn't want to tell my Landlord obviously.. he was in the dwelling several times and never knew a thing..


    There is obviously a risk that needs to be weighed.. in my case the risk of getting inferior grass that might have mold or pesticides really is not desirable, so the risk of getting caught was outweighed by the risk of compromising my health.

    Everyone see's things as they need to I reckon.

    sel3ctive Active Member

    I grow in my apartment in a 2x2x5 growtent. Been here a year and anytime Maint.needs to come in they give you 24hrs notice, plus if im really that worried about it ill throw a lock on the zipper or look my bedroom door. Nothing in your lease agreement that says you cant put a lock on a bedroom door, most of it applies to the front door.

    stone604 Active Member

    Also i dont think your landlord can show up unannounced like that. I think a reasonable amount of notice is required.

    It was in my lease agreement. You should check yours
    Commander Strax

    Commander Strax Well-Known Member

    If you check out my sig you can check out my "Narnia Cabinet".. it is in my closet and it is locked. The fan is Quiet and I have carbon filter and I am ready with a Ona bucket. They need permission to enter here and there is no reason to go in my bedroom.

    whydoineedthis123 Member

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input and that for my first grow I will be buying this set http://www.htgsupply.com/Files/Products/400smallkit.jpg let me know what you think as to the reason why I'm not buying a hydro set, it is because this will be my first grow ever and I know I can convert to hydro should I feel ready after this. As to where it will be I have decided to use a basement apartment not because I am rude and wanna take advantage of someone but rather because of money and not having enough of it to support myself in a building or buy my own place (I'm not growing weed for profit purely for myself and friends). Thanks again for answering my questions guys and I'll do my best to post a journal once I get everything set up. Happy growing ahead WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member


    In most apartments, town homes and homes in the bedrooms there is no electric or water mains, no furnaces, no appliances or utilities that would need maintenance.
    In rentals basements are the absolute worst. Almost all mains and utilities are down there.
    Grab a decent 2-3 bedroom apartment/home in a decent neighborhood preferably and almost a necessity, a attached garage. A attached garage allows you to bring in equipment, soils, 2x4s for rooms and ect via your trunk or backseat/cargo area, allowing absolute privacy of bringing items into the home.
    A 2-3 bedroom will allow you to run up a electric bill fairly high without suspicion from electric company rather then a efficiency, studio or one bedroom.
    I lived in a one level 4-plex that had good sound barrier walls, attached garage and two bedrooms. I put my flower room in the master and the veg in the second smaller bedroom, I slept on my couch, sometimes a air mattress. After a year or so I put a bed in my living room. I never allowed anyone there, I had to lie to family and most friends and tell them I lived with other people. In most grow homes unless you do have the money for a grow only home and a residence, it can be a lonely life. Key is to look like you are living a normal existence to your neighbors. Don't be all paranoid but don't allow anyone in, have excuse ready for times when a neighbor may wish to come in. If you have no real job have a lie about what you do ready ie-ebay, night-shift-temp service ect. Be friendly and try to keep normal hours when coming and going, although nowadays second and third work shifts are quite normal, but doing your biz outside of the home is best done during day hours.
    Be sure to never order grow equipment or supplies from sellers who actually list their names on the return address ie-growroomstore, greenhousemasters, hydromarket, ect. Never drive straight home from a grow store if it is located in or near your town, it;s best to use another persons auto if possible.
    This may sound wrong to some, but find a apartment/home through a rental agency, not a private owner. Rental agencies, most, will do everything they can to avoid having to do any maintenance or repairs unless you call them to, as they have to notify the owner of the property and go through that process, most owners period don't want to stick money into their rentals, but owners who go through rental agencies expect the agency to keep the tenants happy without them having to fork out cash to fix something. If a rental agency has already re-painted and fix issues before or during showing it, that is a good sign as this is also usually the time they do full inspections for insurance reasons so the tenant isn't bothered with them while living there. I lived at one place for over 5 years and never an inspection. Look over that lease, it will state if annual inspections occur, most agencies do them in between tenants or not at all.
    Prepare for smell as well. Carbon filters are a must for every grow room and backups are good to have. I have found that FeBreze is very good at masking bud smell when you need to open grow room doors for extended times, but avoid extended times if possible. Do not use FeBreze x2, it's very strong and long lasting but it actually smells too much like bud.
    Find a closet or area for all your tools and equipment outside of the grow room as well, keep your main living area, and the area that can be viewed when you open front door clean and free of any signs of growing.
    When you harvest turn off lights, tv, stereo any loud sounds, this is one period of time where you absolutely cannot answer your door if there is a knock, and you don't want whoever to know you are home but not answering your door.

    Of that's a lot. Be safe grow hard!

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