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Where does mid-grade and schwag come from??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by KushLoud, Jun 11, 2010.


    pinxpointxpupil Active Member

    LOL! What you never heard of dat spaghetti kush?

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    That's just fucked up man; have some respect :peace:

    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    I agree. Most bag seed I've grown was way better than what I picked it from. Of course I didn't save seeds from boogity bud either, but it's in a sense all the same. The fact that it even has seeds means it wasn't grown to its peak potency. I do however understand that may not always entirely hold true for the next generation, since your at the mercy of the unknown male.

    pinxpointxpupil Active Member

    Yeah like i have never seen home grown regs. Though the only people i know who grow are people who use legit shit...so idk.

    Like i dont think i could gro regs if i tried....

    crystalman Active Member

    spaghetie kush , sound delicious

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    lol Your not gonna turn seeds form shit bud into good weed simply by raising them in a good set-up. You can grow some nice plants that will look alot better than the buds the seeds came from, but it's still the same shit strain you started with. I'm not saying not to grow bag seeds, just don't expect much more Quality than you started with. But on the other hand, you could have some poteitally good bud that was raised and harvested under shitty conditions making the weed not able to reach it's full ability, then the seeds grown under a nice light set-up and good nutes could most deffently turn out better, but it's still the same strain you started with.
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    Dirtfree Well-Known Member

    ^Good advice

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    I have a few questions 2...
    1.What bag weed was chem or whatever was smokin when he grew out his seed?
    2.Lets say i have some good genetics like a shiva shanti...and i cross it with my schawg i kno the smoke is beeter than average ..does it bring the good genetics down? or up?
    3.Is schawg a land race(not tryna sound dumb) for example IN jamaica the have some really good bud thats grown all over the island ..they have names they make up for it but theres no "official" genectic tree we can trace these seeds back 2?

    Steph187 Active Member

    teens wanting to be cool...they dont care

    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    That's the thing some of the best known "strains" have come from unknown genetics. Then again that's why they are clone only.

    If your given given a crop of 1000 plants with unplucked males, cross pollination is going to create quite the diversity among the bunch. Much of this is the reason I would never use seeds from imported brick weed, which most likely are indigenous or heir loom varieties, whether good or bad.

    Mid-grade often comes from larger commercial ops. The selection and conditions are definitely better, hence the fewer seeds. Diversity is definitely going to be more stabilized and provide a better shot of getting something good.

    Dirtfree Well-Known Member

    Who? You?

    Do you believe in karma? You get what you give!

    pinxpointxpupil Active Member

    rowlman, thats perfect what you said.

    A lot of shitty bud is probably just a result of shitty outdoor conditions.
    Im saying like reggo. Those seeds can be made into A LOT better of bud than you got them from.
    Because although the same strain, the plants growing in better conditions will produce more THC and trichromes to the plants grown outdoors with 1000 other male and female plants.

    That's pretty much all i ment lol not that the best bud ever can come out of any strain JUST because of a good set up.

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    I wasn't to sure about buying seeds when I started. But now that I'm at the end of my 2nd grow, and I see what you get, I would never put a bag seed in my grow room. If your gonna take the time and money to grow, then spend a few more bucks on some seeds and grow the best. A pack or 2 of some fems cost less than an ounce anyways, so why not just grow the best?

    pinxpointxpupil Active Member

    That's true. I think a lot of people just don't even know where to start.

    And before I spend any money on seeds I want to get the most legit set up i can, plus i need the experience.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    comprehend what your are reading, it is not profitable to send people into the fields and pull the males when seeds weigh more than bud.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    my reg seed grew the ugliest plant ive ever seen, no sticky no stink no trichs. everything else in my garden is gorgeous.

    pinxpointxpupil Active Member

    This plant was grown with reg seeds. Idk call me a newbie but i think that looks pretty dank. Smoked/tasted/smelled good as fuck.

    Not all bag seeds have the same genetics though, you could have some really poopy poop seeds lol

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    KushLoud Member

    i have a mids/bagseed grow right now this is the bud i took the seeds from,, i got it 25 a quarter, nice buds,not very many seeds, broke up really good, smelled dank/pine, hairy, had me high like captain kirk, lloll. but i hope to have a good grow id be happy to just get the same quality as the bud i got the seeds from, but i hope improve it and get better!

    Picture 009.jpg

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Dosent matter if they care or not. You should. Plus, why are you selling to kids to begin with? Pretty sad all around.

    Steph187 Active Member

    Why should i care?..moneybussiness..no monkey bussiness.

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