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where do u cut when u top ur plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by captcannabis420, Sep 8, 2008.


    captcannabis420 Well-Known Member

    and will it always grow back??

    aerogrowerguy Active Member

    [​IMG]1. Locate the very top of your plant and cut through the main stem just below the newest growth. This should be done after the 3rd or 4th leaf set but can be done at any time after the 3rd leaf set.

    2. Shows Plant Top cut off and where the 2 new Branches that will form a "Y" in the main stem will grow from.

    3. Shows the newly topped plant after 2 days of growth, notice the Y in the Stem Forming.

    It will always grow back.
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    buffdog Well-Known Member

    thanks for that aero now i know were to iop bang on thanks mate:-o

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