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where can i buy some jamaican seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Evil Buddies, Dec 14, 2007.

    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    i want some jamaican seeds preferably some lambsbread. Does anyone know where i can buy them online. Ive seen a 3 way cross with lambsbread from kc brains. But kc brains seeds are really cheap that has put me off buying them. Has anyone grown any seeds from kc brains and how did the weed turn out. If i cant find any jamaican seeds will buy the jamaican pearl from sensi seeds anyone grown it. Was it good?

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    I have not tried KCs version of Jamaican. I have only tried a few of KCs strains...they were fine...not outstanding, but good!

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    [​IMG]This well-known pure lambsbread ganja from the Blue Mountains was Bob Marley's inspiration. The Rastafarians declare that this is the best strain on the Island. It grows to medium height and makes you feel Irie. Grow this early flowerer outside or use a windblower to make it firm and strong. Very attractive bushy ganja plant.

    12 seeds EUR 50 / USD 60 / GBP 35
    Hemcy Seed Company

    courtcourt420 Well-Known Member

    I've bought some seeds from Kc brains.. actually mango.. i only tried to germ 2 at the time b.c i had some others going and they didnt even germ.. so thumbs down for him.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Thanks gonna check the site now

    AcesAndFaces Active Member

    just go there and get them yourself. its alot better that way

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