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Where can I buy in Cambridge UK?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by IndiaMom, Sep 6, 2008.


    IndiaMom Active Member

    I haven't started growing yet cos it does seem a bit of a fiddle & I am really busy with work most of the time. But I only get to smoke when I go up to Swindon & can buy some off my ex ... but that's a long drive, a 6 hr round trip! I'm a middle aged mom, not part of the scene, so I really don't know where to buy locally & don't come into contact with people who are likely to be in the know. Can anyone out there help me?? I live near Cambridge (UK, not Mass). Maybe one of these days I will start growing - probably when I retire!:lol:
    Any leads welcome - direct email is [email protected]

    berbonber Well-Known Member

    i really dont think youll find anyone here whol hook you up to honest

    Arrid Well-Known Member


    Not sure you're gonna find anyone, but theres a clap for effort. :D


    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    the fiddle is what is done too the weed you buy and how much you are paying for it. lets just say you smoke every week a 16th and it costs say £10 thats £520 a year. now lets take a small grow say 250hps,hid,CFL costing around £200 and will produce dependant on strain say 1/2 oz every 2 - 3 months (dwarf strain).

    this is the reason i myself am starting growing it works out alot cheaper and atleast you know your hard earned money is being well spent on nuets and things, not going too criminals, the best thing is you grow what you want and know its been looked after and grown correct. and Never tell anyone what you are doing, only takes an Ex to say something and the law is at the door.


    madmaty Well-Known Member

    ok here is where you buy weed walk down near any public area in any part of the city and fucking ask man its not hard to find weed lol

    Edit Sorry if i seem a bit rude but people tend to make finding weed to be a hard thing its really not just look for "the younger crowd" the will usally know where to get some or will be able to point you in the right direction I dont know about laws over there and how much under cover cops you have but usally middle age women dont have any problems

    Also know the prices of local weed when i used to sell a sure fire way to not get any was to ask "let me grab 2 grams, how much is that"

    sublimed Well-Known Member

    hanging around one of the skate parks asking people who look like they might be able to sell you some should pay off fairly quickly.

    Cambridge Marijuana Prices: £15 - £25 per 1/8 oz. (3.5 gr), £30- £50 per 1/4 oz, £60- £80 per 1/2 oz.

    oz's are about £100-£130.

    AI961 Member

    Ok, so I'm committing forum suicide by making a request my first post - not to mention opening myself up to the "cop-not a cop" debate. All I can say is that I wouldn't be asking if I knew where else to look, and I'm not going to try and prove I'm not a cop because there's no way I can.

    I'm now pathetically searching forums for some help. I tried looking around Christ's Piece and the Skate Park on the Midsummer commons, but got nothing. Friends look down on it, looking for new connections but I'm not great at just walking up to people. Until I can find someone here, my only option is London... I'm looking for someone who might go out on a branch and help me out. Come up with an idea to prove I'm not a nark? I'm game.

    Thanks very much for the help, or at least not flaming. (I'd grow, but it's kind of dangerous considering the fact that bedders come into my room practically every day)
    guerilla kid

    guerilla kid Active Member

    just keep asking through your friends or people you know mate.
    someone will know someone who sells.

    other option, there's always amsterdam. :)

    AI961 Member

    ...yeah I guess the Dam is the mecca of options, but aside from asking strangers in the parks, I'll just have to find new friends... That and people can be a bit judgmental, so I feel nervous about asking. Ironically, I'd probably feel completely calm about asking if I already had what I was asking for!

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