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When to transplant clones?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by idl, May 17, 2008.


    idl Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Was trying to find this answer but really did not find anything that looked like it would be of help.

    I just checked mine today and 2 of them have roots grown out of them. 1 of which has about 5 obvious healthy looking 1" roots and another that has about 2 of the same size and health look. Some of these are only a few days old and some are about 2 weeks or more. I'm not sure which are which, though.

    My question is when are they stable enough to transplant to pots? What do I look for?

    ceestyle Well-Known Member

    they should have a mass of roots coming out the bottom of the grow cubes/start pellets, not just a few.

    idl Well-Known Member

    Alright, thank you! I'll give it another 5 - 7 days and check again. Surprised any of them even rooted. Small cuttings taken from flowering. First ever attempt at growing let alone cloning. Simple enough.

    ceestyle Well-Known Member

    what are you cloning in?

    idl Well-Known Member

    I have these 2 clear plastic containers from pre-made salad mix. 12" x 6" x 3" deep. Approx.

    One filled with soil and the other covering it.

    ceestyle Well-Known Member

    gotcha. yeah at 3" you should wait for a bunch of roots.

    you might try either jiffy pellets or rockwool plugs and a plastic tray designed to hold them. it makes transplanting them separately really easy, and they're really cheap. this is especially applicable if you're transplanting to soil, less so for hydro ...

    SmokeDr420 Well-Known Member

    so what if there being cloned in jus some regular potting soil in a little cup w/ perlite?? really need help with this any help would be greatly appreciated

    andrewcrestline Active Member

    what if you rooted to early?

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