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when to put clone tray under light?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by hockey4848, Jul 31, 2012.


    hockey4848 Well-Known Member

    I took clones 4 days a go in rock wool cubes. They have been sitting in a humidity dome in the corner of my veg room, no direct light on the clone trays. I just checked on them and they are looking great, the cubes are still wet. So when do I need to put the trays under a CFL? None of the roots have popped out of the bottom of the cube yet.

    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't hurt to put them under lights now. Will they still be under the hood? depending how big the cubes are it may take a while to see roots coming out. Wouldn't hurt to raise the hood a little by putting something under it to raise it an inch or so and see what happens

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