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when to plant outdoors in Florida

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mbiumi, Nov 20, 2008.


    mbiumi Active Member

    Hey. When is the best time to plant otdoors in Florida. I am pretty sure this is not the right time of year to plant outside, but I've got good seed and I don't wanna wait months to start growing. Plus, I'm tired of being out of weed. I like to plant in containers, so I could avoid the slight freezes we encounter (and the law) by bringing in my plants for the night. I've never planted at this time of year. What do you think, Am I gonna fare well?

    mbiumi Active Member

    All right, so I read a little further and I know I have to wait for proper light cycles to have a successful outdoor grow here in Florida.
    So, is mid March more viable? Bear in mind, I'm still outta weed.
    Willie North

    Willie North Well-Known Member

    build a greenhouse n' grow all year around :)

    mbiumi Active Member

    very interesting

    904chronic Active Member

    depending on where you are in fl, mid march to april is usually good for starting outdoors

    Crusso Active Member

    hey bro, im in south fl too.

    I made the mistake of puttin my seeds out too early and all my plants flowered at a very young age:-?

    but as the light changed they all went back to veg and then re flowered later on to give me some good buds :hump:

    If you want the longest growing time for huge trees, plant on 4/20 or April 20th its kinda funny 420 but its really the best date for florida.

    If you don't have the room or place to store that much bud then i suggest waiting a couple months after 4/20 to plant, as they will still grow medium sized plants and still give you lots of flowers (buds)

    Good luck man if you want u can check out my grow in my signature. Dont make any new posts though, its an old thread.


    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    i planted in march and i was straight =)

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