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When to Place Germinated Seeds under Light?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by BarnyW, May 8, 2011.


    BarnyW Member

    After a very successful first grow I now feel like a newbie. Maybe I was just lucky with my first grow and no matter what I did everything went right. Now everything I do seems to be wrong. I do not have problems germinating seeds, but the seeds do not do well after that. There is so much misinformation out there on the Web that it's ridiculous.
    I see where some sites say to place newly germinated seeds under fluorescent lights and some sites say wait for the first true set of leaves. Some sites say root up and some say root down. I have been following the advice of placing the germinated seeds under light with root up, but that has not been working too well.
    Here is my process.
    1- Germinate with the paper towel method in a dark warm place using purified drinking water.
    2- Place germinated seeds in plastic cups with white tap root facing up and using FF Light Warrior soil once I see the white root emerge from the germinated seed. Seed is buried about a half in deep into the soil. Water is bottled drinking water. Soil is pre soaked before seed is placed in soil.
    3- Cover the cups with saran wrap and place back in dark warm place until the seedling emerges from the soil.
    At this point I have been placing under fluorescent lighting, but the seedling usually quits growing at this point.

    Should I be waiting for the first true set of leaves before placing under light?
    Tap root up or down?
    What do you guys do?

    TichySmokeSmoke Well-Known Member

    This is what i like to do which seems to work at 100 percent for me.
    1- Germ by letting seeds soak in water for 12-24 hours to let the outer layer get soak
    2- Place onto plate lightly dampen it and place in dark but warm place. (Closets next to grow room work great)
    3- Inspect seeds (24-72 hours usally) when i see poped enough to attack root to Medium about half way down the hole (hardest part even with tweezers)
    4- place under 4000 lumes
    5- Keep Soil/medium Cover maybe with cutt plastic bottle and surround (if you have medium) medium with hydroballs to keep moist so you dont have to water as much.( if its soil just put plastic around were you planted seed and water ontop of plastic every 24 hours)
    6- In 24-72 hours you should see seed attach to wall and start roots down
    7- Remove Plastic and Hydro balls (Looks like itle be hard if your using a medium but you wont hurt your plant)
    8- and keep at 4000 Lumes.

    Now im no pro but this is my method

    fabfun New Member

    place in soil with taproot up i use tweezers to. never handle seeds
    i plant mine when root gets about 1/4 inch long

    MrDank007 Well-Known Member

    I try to keep it simple. I get the lights going on the timer while the seeds are in the paper towel. I generally soak the seeds in water for a couple hours before putting them in a wet paper towel and in a dark place. I check on them before and after work. Generally, they pop in about 3 days.

    Once the beans pop and have a small tail (I don't like them too long as I have broken the root tap before handling), I put them about 1/4-1/2 in down in the soil of their final pot. I then throw the pots in the box with the light cycle already going. I mist the top of the soil with water a couple of times a day to keep it moist. Nothing to it...
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    BarnyW Member

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    Right now I have three germinated seeds placed in soil for about 24 hours now. They are in plastic solo cups in FF soil and covered with saran wrap and in a dark warm cupboard. One of the seeds has poked through the soil already. Should I place it under the light or wait for the first set of leaves? Here is a pic of my first grow at three months. So Why can't I do it again?
    Yes I used tweezers when handling the seedling. 2010_0107plant40001.jpg

    Nullis Moderator

    I don't know where the root up thing comes from; ditched the 'paper towel' stuff after my first grow anyways. Instead it is directly into pre-moistened soil-less medium (Light Warrior or Sunshine #4 + EWC), seed in sideways or pointed end down. Then watered with a liquid seaweed solution and placed under fluorescent lighting from the very start.

    The only thing that seems amiss about what you described to me other than the 'root up' thing is the saran wrap. You don't really need to cover seedlings, high humidity is a potentially bad thing where they are concerned because the seed\seedling is prone to fungal infection. As long as the medium stays moist they should be good at typical relative humidity. The types fungus you want to avoid prefer warm, wet conditions.

    Fluorescent lighting several inches away is just fine, even before the seeds have actually surfaced (the light will help warm up the medium). Once I see my seedlings have broken through the soil I place them within just a few inches of the light. The less light they get now the more they are going to stretch, and stretch is what I have been trying to avoid in particular as of late.

    fabfun New Member

    comes from research bro
    [​IMG] How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds Marijuana Seeds Germination Photos Marijuana Seeds Storage Marijuana Seeds Gallery Quality of Viable Marijuana Seeds

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Marijuana Seeds Positioning in Soil

    [​IMG]Marijuana seeds should be placed with the POINTED END UP into a prepared cannabis seeds germination bed or just good soil at a depth of 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The embryo tap root emerges from the pointed (stylar) end and the natural method of growth is for this root to make a turn and grow downward (see the illustration) This bend formed by the downward curve of the taproot is what emerges from the soil and the friction of dragging the cannabis seeds upward helps the new plant to loosen and cast off the seed case when it breaks through the surface. If the cannabis seeds are placed with the pointed end down, the embryo will be required to expend a great deal of its stored energy for twisting and turning to position the tap root when it realizes that it is heading the wrong way (see illustration of germinating marijuana seeds) The seedling will need this energy to exert the forces required to later lift its head (now enclosed by the two halves of the seed case) above the soil, cast off the seed case and then spread its two embryo leaves and begin the life-giving photosynthetic process. This is a critical stage in growth and carelessness in placing the marijuana seeds will exhaust even the most hearty seedling and result in a slow start and a feeble plant in later life. Cannabis seeds should be placed in a small hole at a depth of 1/2 to 3/4 inch. An excellent medium for germination is a mixture of rich humus and fine sand, such as the type used for aquariums. The soil needs a ph of 7.5 to 8.0 and should not be so moist that it sticks to your fingers. If the medium is too moist, the seeds will rot and ferment before they can sprout. A simple test for moisture is to stick a pencil into the soil and if soil adheres to it when removed, then it is too moist. Sort of like when you test a cake by sticking a straw into it to see if it is baked through to the middle. The ideal is not too moist, and not too dry - and be sure that the soil is well-drained. Research has shown that a soil temperature that is at, or slightly above, the air temperature promotes the best survival rates and growth.
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    fabfun New Member

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    root up or down on cannabis seeds

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    root up or down on cannabis seeds


    fabfun New Member


    Nullis Moderator

    I've heard the whole 'theory' before but from what I have witnessed I don't particularly believe it is a huge issue. Couple reasons for this, if I may:

    • It isn't easy (naturally) to place a seed in a certain position. Nature doesn't do it; but beyond that I find that seeds tend to displace themselves no matter how I intend to place them.
    • You may displace the seed even when covering them up\burying into the medium.
    • Watering may displace the seeds.
    • When I have dug up seeds due to impatience/curiosity I can't say I have seen what those illustrations describe
    • Illustrations don't prove much. Nor do internet forums.
    My point is I don't think seed placement is what is going to make or break your success growing the plant.

    fabfun New Member

    no they will still grow but placing it down waste energy and time as root has to go up then back down root up it comes out and goes down
    and i have dug them up and seen this in healthy seeds
    may not make or break but why not do the most to insure your seeds and plants are their most successful


    BarnyW Member

    Well I checked my seedlings again and the one that sprouted looked weak so I went ahead and placed them all under a 40w fluorescent light.
    Someone previously posted about not knowing where the 'root up' thing came from or the 'saran wrap' covering the germinated seeds. Like I said in my first post the Internet is full of misinformation on growing Cannabis. Even from the seed suppliers you will find conflicting information.
    If I had the time I could pull up a half dozen sites that say to cover the newly germinated seeds with saran wrap to retain moisture and a half dozen sites that say plant seed with 'root up'. I can also find as many that say plant with 'root down' and do not cover with saran wrap.
    You would think by now that there would be a single 'best practice' method of growing cannabis.

    Ku$hc0Wb0Y Active Member

    when i germinate seeds i like to take a match box and glue a little piece of sand paper in the bottem and put the seeds in it and shake it up to scuff up the seeds a little so when you put them in theyere grmination rate is alot higher and it helps water to penatrate.

    when i germinate i like taking a thick sponge and put deep cuts in it it holds the seeds nicely to get straight roots and it holds water really nice and i put the sponges in a black bag then in a closet or a dresser for me my last round of germinating it took me 3 days to sart the roots then i planted them and it only took them a day to sprout out the gound

    fabfun New Member

    sure there is false info on internet
    if u dont believe in answers u got from different posters then why did u even ask


    BarnyW Member

    Where the fk did I say I didn't believe the answers given???
    My point is, there is not an agreed upon system to germinate seeds or grow Cannabis even by the seed sellers.
    Hell, even on this site no on seems to agree as to the BEST way to germinate seeds or plant the seeds in soil.
    Do me a favor and do not reply to my thread again.

    fabfun New Member

    well look at your post seems u said everyone on this site even disagrees
    and all the other sites disagree

    well there can only be one correct answer but u seem to not know who to believe

    so that makes it sound u dont believe what u read or heard
    u dont believe the seed sites or growing forums then why did u expect to get a answer here u would agree with
    kind of like saying u dont believe in ufo's but then ask how fast can they go
    btw telling someone not to reply to a thread on the internet is like a waste of time and most times will cause them to post more


    asaph Well-Known Member

    no it doesn't really matter if it's up or down :)

    but one thing to keep in mind - if your medium is soil less and has no nutrients, it's possible that this is why your seedlings are dying. pre-feed the medium in this case with a weak nutrient solution (200-300 microSiemens) to give a good equilibrium. this isn't because seeds need food, it's just to make them feel comfortable in the medium. and only if its barren

    dmwk1822 Member

    ok so i think your biggest problem is your fucking with your pots and seeds to much huh? you seem to have checked on them alot over a period of what 4 days lol. im not experienced in anyway but im doin the same as you and its working find BUT i notice ive been fucking with my pot and shit and the truth is its not helping lol. maybe this is your problem it seems to be mine. Oh and the paper towel method covered with plastic works like a charm. took like 40 hours for a fourth inch tap and plastic over pot even better one day in pot and that night half an inch tall lol amazing to me.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    You did everything correctly until you put wrap on them and put them in the closet. No need for this,all you did was keep very wet soil ,very wet, when it surfaced it was too wet in there. From now on skip the wrap and dark, put them straight under cfl light after paper towel stage, dont dig around in it and keep the medium damp/moist not saturated.
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    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

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