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When to harvest a male plant?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by reddfish, Aug 30, 2008.


    reddfish Active Member

    I got only one....it's male....im gonna smoke it anyway....its flowering and spewing pollen.....is it ready? and im told only the leaves is that right? thanx

    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can smoke the leaves but they only have about 1% THC. You MIGHT get high, but probably only get a little buzz.

    If you want to actually get high off of it then make some honey oil. There's a great thread (which I can't seem to find) on using butane to make the honey oil, only takes a few mins not hours or days, but it does cost between $6 and $9 for the 2 to 3 bottles of butane.

    Out of a 2 foot male I got enough honey oil to seriously fuck me up. I mixed it with some of the dried leaves from the plant so the oil would have some sort of transport medium. I think I got about 4 or 5 bowls worth. A single bowl got me seriously high, really nice high too, it was almost like an acid trip without the strong visuals. Like if LSD and Marijuana had a baby and I killed it and smoked it.

    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    I cannot condone this activity, grow female plants.
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    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he wants to but his only plant turned out to be a male.

    speedhabit Well-Known Member


    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Yep, exactly. You've got a 50/50 chance for male/female so you want to grow at least 3 plants so you have a much better probablity of getting at least 1 female. The probablity that you'll have all female plants goes down of course (with 3 plants it will be 12.5%) but your probablity that you'll get at least one goes up (88%).

    BondedCasinos.com Active Member


    I don't know what the thread told ... but I make it with butane ... i usually put it in a pvc pipe because you want the butane to do much like you'd want your water to act while growing the plants which is to run through the soil and then out. So get a vertical thing going so the butane can touch as much of the plant as possible before it exits the pipe. (have something to catch the run off which is clean and that you don't mind throwing away because it can get quite sticky.

    don't go near a flame with that stuff. do it outside preferably on day with some wind.

    the butane will evaporate itself away ... and you will be left with honey oil.

    iHigh Active Member

    So after ive done that with the male plant i let the butane evaporate and smoke the honey with some leaves? just for clarification because i got my hands on a male plant that i found with my roommate and we're not sure what to do with it since its the only plant we have at the moment.

    cyborgasm Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's the idea. I did this with my two males that I had. It worked well! A large crumb sized drop of oil is enough to get me decently high. From the two males (which were maybe 1.5 feet tall but LST'd quite a bit) I got enough oil for maybe one to two dozen uses. Not a huge amount, but it seemed worth it (and I suppose it'd be especially worth it if that's all you had.) I used a glass turkey baster as my tube to run the butane through (got the idea from several people on this site).

    cyborgasm Well-Known Member

    Oh, and to address the original question, I harvested mine about a day or two after their pollen sacs first opened (reeeally wish I'd snagged 'em earlier of course...)
    I don't know when the optimum time is but I can't imagine they would increase in potency after that since it's basically the end of their lifecycle.

    caesar Member

    so you have some male plants, now i know that ya wanna have females, but what you do with the males ?? the question is can u smoke them ?

    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    Smokin males! Lolololo dont do it! Freebassin sperm! Buy some scwag, youll get better results! +rep for the dude who said, 'I cannot condone this activity' lol

    snwbrder03 Member

    hey speedhabit he only had ONE plant its not like he threw the females away just to keep the male, you gonna provide him with more seeds so he can grow more smaller plants, if not, shut up. your being a lingerer, dam lingerers. just because you have a alot of post doesnt mean shit, considering how your post consist of anything BUT help.

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