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when to clone? how old does mother have to be?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SmokeUpJohnny, Nov 30, 2008.


    SmokeUpJohnny Well-Known Member

    I want to clone in veg state. I have a very strong plant, from feminized seeds.

    she is about 10 inches tall, 4 weeks old...

    I've read so much about cloning, but can't find much about how old/tall the mom should be...




    SmokeMedprop215 Well-Known Member

    if you know the sex then you can clone as soon as you can take one off of the plant but its up to you as when to take it if it has plenty of branches then you shoud be able to take one now :D 3 nodes or more.... happy grow

    SmokeUpJohnny Well-Known Member

    thanks man, here are two pics of my girl, tell me what ya think (if I should clone now)



    SmokeMedprop215 Well-Known Member

    wait for those two big branches to get a wee bigger then clone em as long as they are at least 3-5 nodes

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    I would wait until she is at ten inches. then I would take the lower shoots.
    Flush a few days before cloning.

    SmokeUpJohnny Well-Known Member

    alrighty guys, thanks!!!

    I'm gonna wait until saturday probably, i think she'll be over 10inches then...

    if I take a clone about 3-5 inches, how long would it take for that clone to get around 10 inches?

    thanks again guys!

    onthedl0008 Well-Known Member

    EH bro I reccomend cloning anytime after u grow ur 6th node for best results, Take the top off the plant they are easiest and the fastest to clone not to mention will grow as exact replicas of the original plant..(There are many other reasons for topping including forcing ur plants to grow more main stems for colas(buds) Tops to reside on)
    Finish vegging out to ur desired hieght ( REmember plants sometimes tripple in size during flower) Utilize ur lumenz. I veg mine to a foot..Right now ive got a couple reaching harvest at 3.5 feet tall...
    The advice given already was awesome just letting u know what works the best for me...
    Either way id wait till u can take a 4 inch top off her (after the 6th node)and clone it.

    Just got done doing a couple stems in a glass of water check out my grow below this message..

    Hope i could help...

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    Wow, I dont know about that.
    My experiences as well as what I have read is the lower branches have more rooting hormones and root quicker. The other advantage to taking the lower branches is if you leave them, they dont amount to much anyway because they are so far from the light.

    When it comes to topping the plant there are a few ways to do that but before you do top it research the strain, Some strains do better without topping. Thats the beauty of the internet. Someone has dont this before and you can learn by others experiences.

    Taking a top at four inches down will encourage lateral growth by forcing the lower branches to grow faster. This I would do if I wanted a mother plant. If I wanted buds I would top her right at the top. Less stress she will recover quicker.

    This is just my opinion. What works for some growers doesn't always work for others.

    Good luck.

    ll12ll Active Member


    keepidahoGREEN Member

    thanks! and i did not even ask the question, this site kicks ass!

    CyberSecks Active Member

    id wait for that plant to double in size i cloned mine at for weeks but i guess hydro is faster because it was aroune 20 inches.
    so id say a few more weeks and ull be good to go

    Waiakeauka Well-Known Member

    If you clone from a female seed before budding, is there a possibility that the female seed could be a hermie and you would be cloning hermies? Or could the clones also be female? I was just wondering basically if you take clones from a female seed, could all your clones be hermie since you took clones before the mother plant produced buds?

    txhomegrown Well-Known Member

    It MIGHT happen that way. Nothing is 100% guaranteed when you are dealing with plants. Most plants dont show hermie tendencies until well into the flowering stage. It is hard to get clones going from a plant that is already producing buds. It can be done, but there is a reason most people dont do it. It is very stressful on the cutting, and when you stress a plant, you have a bigger chance of producing hermies. What would be the benefit there?

    mindatlarge Member

    How the f*** do you have a "very strong plant" that you call it, that is 4 weeks old and only 10 inches tall???

    shotgunmikedvml Member

    Exactly . A month old " strong" plant from clone should be about TWICE that size.

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