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when to change the lights???

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by bass1014, Jul 27, 2012.


    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    hey gang so i am going to try the auto strain. my question is when do i change the lights from 18 to 12 hrs for flowering or do they stay on 18?? any help will do thanks

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    so does everyone concur with the 20/4 schedule for auto's

    zibbila Member

    sure i use 18/6 for my auto they are so robust and nice green healthy mite be food but i sure i take good care of them. i love autos and the fact that you can smoke in 2+ months im planing on breeding autos so i don't have to waste my $$ on the seeds

    ruudong Active Member

    i had 4 big devil auto flowers i was growing them under a cfl light they started to produce buds pretty big ones but ware over the recomended time for flowering them

    i put them in my 12/12 hps room and in 2 weeks they doubled and ware ready

    i have read a hell of a lot about diffrent ways to grow them keep them on 17 hour under your 300 grow light ect but from what i seen

    when i switched it to 12 /12 under 600 grow light it made a massive diffrence

    personaly i would not grow an auto flower again . and if i did as soon as i saw it was matured coming to the stage of flowering i would put it stright under my hps light under 12/12
    any other way might work for some peole

    ruudong Active Member

    All auto-flowering cannabis strains work well in both soil and hydro systems. For best results plant the newly germinated seeds directly into their final pots (1-2 gallon or 5-10 litres) and place them directly under 18 hour lights. Beware, smaller pots can result in smaller yields.[​IMG]
    Start young plants on a veg phase nutrient regime at about 1-2 weeks. Switch to flowering phase nutrients as soon as you see flowers begin to form, usually at about 4 weeks. This is also the right time to switch from MH to HPS lighting if that is what you are using.

    got that from my manual that came with the seeds
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    Um, you can smoke photoperiod plants in almost exactly the same time frame as an auto, 2-3 months, you just go 12/12 from seed, and instead of wasting bud by making seeds, you could just clone the photoperiod :D It also costs less on the old eletricity bill. Autoflowering plants do not make any sense if grown indoors.

    zibbila Member

    allways thought auto didn't like 12/12
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    No, as in you run a regular seeds 12/12 from the get go. Auto's have their uses outdoors, but indoors, they serve no purpose. The general reasons given for growing them indoors is that they take a shorter time to finish, and they are smaller. The truth being that a regular plant grown 12/12 from seed will finish maybe a week after an auto might be finished (depending on type naturally, sativa plant will of course take longer) you can keep a plant any size you want, and to then one-up auto's you have an insane variety of genetics to buy and grow and they require a lot less money to grow based on 12 hours of light instead of 20. I don't want to come off sounding like an auto hater, but i've just never been given a valid reason for growing an auto indoors other than a failed understanding of growing annabis which for new growers can be understandable.

    Del has a really good thread going with regard to growing regular plants with nothing but 12/12 which can be found here http://www.rollitup.org/indoor-growing/416589-12-12-seed-thread.html definately something worth reading about. For me personally, simply the ability to clone and the vast range of genetics available at the attitude etc far trumps anything the autos might be able to offer.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    That's how I run them.

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    thanks gang for the honest opinions so here goes i have 2 rooms a veg and a flower i got these as a freebie from my order and i just need to know witch side they will thrive better in?? i have also read dell666's thread on 12/12 from seed and have even tried it on a few and i am working out the bugs on things but yes great info.. vegg room or bud room where do my auto's go?? i want the best for these and dont want to stress an auto an it hermie on it like my last batch of babies...
    THANKS AND KEEP ON GROWIN (cause that guy up there knows our adress and we might get a visit from the popo) lmao

    largebuds Active Member

    hi bass

    if they where my seeds
    i would place 6 of them in 20ltr pots under a 600w hps 20/4 from start to finish
    you will not have to feed them for the first 5-6 weeks

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