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when should i start flushing this plant?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lynchburgball, Aug 7, 2007.


    lynchburgball Guest

    she's been flowering for 6 weeks almost and i want to flush it when its two weeks are near. i'm using BigBloom every other watering and TigerBloom every third.

    there are 7 colas forming on this topped plant.

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    lynchburgball Guest

    here's a pic from about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago.

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    jimbo_jim Well-Known Member

    2 wks before harvest

    lynchburgball Guest

    yea i read that in FAQ. it's about 5-6 weeks into flowering. aobut 2% of the hairs are red and the trichs are clear. does this plant look like it could take a few extra weeks, like 4 or 5, to reach it's potential? i mean, what's ur prognoses?

    lynchburgball Guest

    found the case and bag my seeds came in w/ the order form. here's the strain


    LURP Well-Known Member

    Papaya Seeds from Nirvana - Marijuana Seeds Review

    The full reports are fun to read

    Grower Report - scihex on February 22, 2004, 5:37 am
    Papaya from Nirvana rated 5.71

    Overall Rating: 6 Effect: Nicely balancedPotency: 10 Stature: Very short and squatYield: 5 Phenotype: Mixed, primarily IndicaEase: 3 Indoor: 50 to 55 daysAppearance: 8 Outdoor: Not ListedOdor Level: 3 Odor: PlumTaste Level: 2 Taste: sweetGrower's Tilt: 9 Sexes: Standard (M/F)SI Rating: Not Listed Vintage: January, 2004
    Veg: Well this plant was a big fuzz with a lot of problems. Under the veg. period there were a lot of problems with MG, N etc. deficiency. While vegging this plant I discovered that the pH should be low (for organic soil) by low I mean 5.5 to 6 (more like hydro) - when this pH was hit, the plant grew well and after 35 day it was ready to set to flower.

    Flower: Here we have something explosive! After 3 days of 12/12 (YES it's true!) the first sign of resin showed on my plant and I started counting days of flower. The flowering period did go well, and there was no special 'blooming-booms' as the flowers developed nice all the way. After 7.25 week (not 8 as Nirvana recommend) the plant is ripe and ready to harvest, this was done without any trimming - as I believe the best drying results is with a full leaf matter.

    Taste, smell and potential, effect: The taste is nothing to write about (the plant it not cured yet!!); there was only a slight taste of something sweet, I think it is good, not bad. For smell, this plant is pretty low odor - sometimes there was a small whiff of plum. When it comes to potential and effect - the plant took me by surprise as I have figured that with no taste and 'thought hurt' the plant must have been weak (I did see all the trichomes, but...) - the surprise was that after 5 minutes I could notice a small visual disorder and a feeling of hot water running trough my body, 5 minutes after that my mind started to shine like a summers day – stress from work left me, and my mouth got active. Overall effect – this plant is a true worry-remover; Or as my wife said “This strain brings out the subconscious hippie…”

    Final rating: This plants carries some trouble, but if u have the time, it's worth it

    Garden Information for this report
    Bloom Wattage Used: 260w to 400wAverage Plant Height: 80Plants per Sq. Foot: 9.00Average Yield per Plant: 6.63Pruning or Plant Style: BushFertilization Method: Organically fed
    Stealth cabin 160 Cm tall and a footprint that is 56X56 with 400 Watt Son-T GrowLux for light, due to bad ventilation (One pulling top mounted) the temperature rises to 35C, anyway I grow some good smoke there. I have gone from Chemical fertilizing to pure ecology organic systems (Only using the HPS is non-eco), actually I can see, and taste, it on the plants as they look and smell more healthy. For earth I use a 50/50 mix of worm castings lighten up with Leca (Made about 5 kilometers from where I live)The mix is enriched with a mix of chicken and sea-bird manure (Animix) and blended ascophyllum nodosum seaweed (Kelp) harvested from the local beach. As an addendum I use tea from the same seaweed every 3 day when plants are young, ecology fertilizer (Consist of micro-organisms to break down enrichment and humus to make soil more light) every week. When it’s time to flower, I brew tea from bone-powder (Phosphor enrichment) make from ecology cattle. Besides my cabin I’m growing outside as well (In the summer)

    lynchburgball Guest

    that's awesome LURP, thanks a lot. i'm totally curing these buds, i bought my jars yesterday. i grew this plant organic too, so who the hell knows what that'll mean.

    anyway, flowering is going to take longer for me b/c i'm not using HID lighting. it's already been 39 days flowering and i'm kinda doubting that she'll be ready in 2 more weeks. all the hairs, minus the few that've been heat and light burnt, are still bright white. so we will see.

    does molasses really work?

    LURP Well-Known Member

    I hear it does a tablespoon( the big one) per gallon, mix in a teaspoon of Miracal grow tomato food and you should be set.

    daddychrisg Well-Known Member

    Do you have a good magnifier? You will need a hand held 60x-100x Microscope, this will cost you around 10-15 bucks. Then you will really see what is going on. When you start your flush will be dependent on how ripe you want your buds to be. The over all thought is that more amber your tricombs are, the more the body high. So if you want a more "up" high, then start your flush when about 10% of the tricombs are amber and the rest cloudy. If you are looking for more yield, and don't mind the couch lock high, then wait until about 50% are nice and amber..I start the flush with a product called Flora Kleen by GH. I let that run for two days with fresh water and the recomended dose, then I refill the tank with fresh water and go for another 5 days, or until the plants start loosing most of there dark green color..Hope this helps

    lynchburgball Guest

    i'll use nutes for 1 moer week, water for 2 weeks, then maybe water for another week and then it's the chop.

    shuold i just hang the whole plant upside down in front of a box fan to dry? it's all in a very dark closet and it's well ventilated. any advice or links would be much appreciated.



    GetAhead Well-Known Member

    I wish that I were so close.

    lynchburgball Guest

    after i chop, shuold i just suspend the whole plant upside down in front of a box fan to dry? it'll all be in a very dark closet and it's well ventilated. any advice or links would be much appreciated.

    daddychrisg Well-Known Member

    I chop each branch, and keep the drying process slow because I am in a area where there is a very low humidity, so I don't use a fan directly on the buds. I found it easiest to do it in stages, first hang the whole plant up and take all the shade leafs off, and put in a separate bag. then I chop each branch, one at a time, and trim all the lovely sparkly small leafs, and put them in there separate paper bag. So I end up with cooking material, and then hashing material..

    lynchburgball Guest

    dude thanks again

    ^^daddychrisg is a tight guy on this site.
    Lord Dangly Bits

    Lord Dangly Bits Well-Known Member


    Those are some fantastic looking buds. But I truely think you need at least 3 weeks before you start to flush your plants. Those buds will fill in nicely.

    Go to Radio Shack, and Tell them you want this SCOPE.

    When you get it, cut off a small leaf next to your cola, and get right in there and look inside the leaf. You will see these things that look like upside down drops of water. These are the trichomes everyone talks about. This is the only way to tell if your budds are ripe yet.

    There are three different shades, or colors that your plant will go through. First is clear, then is cloudy, then is Amber... Amber is a little Amber dot inside the Trichome. You want about 80% cloudy/ 20% amber. I am thinking that a lot of your TRICH's are still clear. This Scope is only $10, and it will amaze you at the beauty that is inside this plant.

    P.S. I suggest you take the catalog number with you. The first two Stores i went to told me they did not have them. The third time I tried it was with the #. It ended up that both of them had them.

    lynchburgball Guest

    i got a scope and they are nicely cloudy. all of them are except maybe about 2% amberish.
    Sir Psycho Sexy

    Sir Psycho Sexy Well-Known Member

    you want air going in and out of the closet but dont blow the fan directly on the bud
    d.c. beard

    d.c. beard Well-Known Member

    Under those flouros, that plant's going to need atleast 3 more weeks maybe 4. Looks pretty good, just give it more time.

    Yes a microscope is optimal, but you can also just chop when the pistils are 60-80% withered (brown).

    Cut and trim each branch separately, hang upside down (i use jumbo paper clips attached to a closet rack), and put a fan about a foot away in front of the hanging buds on medium speed POINTED AWAY FROM THE BUDS so that it draws air THROUGH the hanging buds. You never want to blow air constantly on your buds, whether they're still growing or if they're hanging.

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