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When should i start feeding molasses to my plants?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by MastaRastaa, Jul 24, 2010.


    MastaRastaa Member

    This is an experiment i am trying, and read that it can have a sweeter taste, add weight and girth to my buds
    should i start it right when flowering starts, or 2weeks into flowering?

    comments and suggestions are welcomed.bongsmilie

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    There are many different ways to introduce molasses to your plants.

    It mainly helps to feed the microbes in your soil.

    Some people use it during the whole grow.
    Some poeple use it during the last 2 weeks prior to harvest
    Some people use it during the whole of the flowering period
    and other like me

    Use it from around week 3 of flower onwards.


    rd116 Well-Known Member

    I usually start using it about 1/2 way thru flower

    MastaRastaa Member

    Thanks, im a noob and just want to see what is the best method of growing for my next grow, does molasses make a big different when you used it?

    how did your buds look after harvest when you used it?

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    i am currently using it for the first time and am yet to do a comparison test on the same strain.

    But from what i have read it helps to add carbs to the plant and also helps to feed the soil microbes that have a symbiotic relationship with your plant.


    MastaRastaa Member

    Thanks for responding

    put updates of your plants, im curious to see how yours will turn out too.

    MyNameIsEarth Member

    i am also going to start feeding my plants molasses. 4 weeks into flower but one question...do u ONLY mix with the nutes or do u mix with water too? (i'm alternating feeding nutes & water, soil grow)

    grapesnowcone Well-Known Member

    I use molasses every watering, starting at the beginning of flowering..

    CashCrops Well-Known Member

    I have been using it for the whole grow, but I also use a ppm meter especially when using with other nutes during vegging and flowering.

    canefan Well-Known Member

    The soil can make use of the molasses from day one, it will feed your little beasties. During veg a light foliar spray will give you great results, but the key is "light" foliar spray it can be over done. Try a little side by side with the foliar spray and I think you will notice a difference within a couple of days. In the soil results will take a bit longer to show but your plants will love you for it.
    Whether your buds are bigger, sweeter or fatter, I just won't get into that debate but certainly the key to yield is a good healthy plant.
    Good Luck
    H R Puff N Stuff

    H R Puff N Stuff Well-Known Member

    i use it after transplanting and last three weeks of flower because the microbes use it and then they release what the plant wants so the sooner the better IMO.

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