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when is it time to flower

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by alopez34, Mar 18, 2009.


    alopez34 Active Member

    my plants are 5 weeks old (but look like they're 3) how long should i let them veg before i start to flower them. right now they're on an 18/6 light cycle. when should i put them to 12/12?

    homegrown2009 Active Member

    good rule rule of thumb is when they get a foot tall or 12 inches it all really depends on how much bud you want the bigger they get the more potenial they have to produce bigger buds but at about a foot you should get a a ounce or two depending on the growing condtions/skill
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    You pick when the time is right to flower your plants. There is not a certain or specific height when flowering should be begun and by flowering before or after that time will be detrimental to the plants.

    Plants will double to triple in height during flower so all that is important is that you veg them long enough to where you can achieve maximum yield without vegging them for so long that you run out of growing height or out grow your lighting.

    The hormone that is released in plants by the change of light cycle length is always present in the plants so you can put them into flower any time you want. It is just a case of knowing when is the proper time for you to do it and only you can decide that for yourself based on your situation/conditions.

    zaggie420 Active Member

    there is alot of variables to consider for when is the best time,such as,how many plants,how big the growing area is and so forth.most plants will atleast double in height once flowering is induced.one of the most common tho is to start flowering once the little clones reach 12-18 inches tall.seeds on the other hand should not be flowered until atleast 2 months of age,again this is all dependant on many variables but is a good general guidline.. :)

    420 forever!

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    yes it starts with the hight your area is to the light's, say your 5ft from the top of your pot to yuor lightthen you would wnt to veg tell your plant is about 18" to 22" tall this well give you the growth in hight during flower. good luck

    alopez34 Active Member

    wow... that's some good info. but now i need to know the best way to start the actual flowering process. is it really getting the light cycle to 12/12?

    shage Well-Known Member

    flip the light to 12/12 that easy

    alopez34 Active Member

    easy as pie :weed:

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