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When is a good time to plant your outdoor?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by icePiK, Mar 21, 2009.


    icePiK Active Member


    Was just wondering if anyone cud let me know when im supposed to throw in my seeds... I'm a smoker, only starting a plant due to the lack of quality shit around my area. It's all crud. Hopefully with the help of this site and the cannabis cultivation community I'll have some quality budd to smoke within a few months.


    - icePiK

    TJefferson93 Active Member

    Where are you at and have you started any seeds indoors or what? Its hard to tell without some info.

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    Actually, smart outdoor growers have already started their gardens indoor under cfls or taken clones and rooting them. the outdoor grow season in most US areas is mid April- late May. Start Ur seeds or clones now under cfls and harden them off 1 week before transplanting outdoors. the plant is bigger and stonger than a frail, vulnerable seedling or clone and its like adding an extra month of veg growth which will add to your harvest yeild. dig a large hole about 1.5 square foot hole about 2-3 feet deep. line the sides with newspaper and place a woden board at the bottom to slow water runnoff.Backfill the whole with the amended soil and dirt, and plant ur weed. water. and wait. you wont be smoking any outdoor grown crop until mid september to mid-december depending on the strain. Indicas do well outdoors especially when temps drop or nutrients are a lil lacks. Sativas take long to flower(12-20 weeks) but they are meant for the outdoors, gettin between 6-20 ft tall and yeilding 1-4 POUNDS OF WEED. But they usually need more attention than Indicas. Remember to shake your buds good after a rainstorm or mold may set in. harvest your outdoor crop when 10-30% of pistils have turned orange, you can wait longer but you risk mold. you need two types of insecticide. One that contains BT to prevent caterpilars(bud worms) and an all pupose Insecticide meant for veggies.
    Gimme The Spliffff

    Gimme The Spliffff Active Member

    thats some good info thats why I love this site.. I started a thread also on wetlands if any 1 can chime in.. Im ordering my seeds this week>!

    icePiK Active Member

    g'day mate.

    thanks blakkmask, quite helpful indeed mate. im in australia. i found a post on another forum letting me know when i shud sow my seeds etc. TJefferson93, I live in australia. I have a plant goin at the moment. used no advanced techniques, just threw sheep shit on it and it grew alrite. but i wanna maximize my budd, and learn a bit more about it. i was quite impressed with the budd i got on this for something i was screwin around with. i was just lucky i threw the seeds in at the rite time. floooked it. but yeah. was wonderin when i can throw them in for my next grow... i read on a post somewhere in here that i can do my next outdoor grow starting april, for the winter grow. any advice would be much appreciated.

    btw, i love this site. im a member forever. cannabis cultivation [email protected]#%$ luvin it.

    peace from down under.

    - icePiK
    "A Dingo ate my [email protected]#$%"

    CrackerJax New Member

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    smalltownDill Well-Known Member

    after last frost

    playa869 New Member

    yeah well if you dont know if there is gonna be another frost then what ...... Well i live in oregon and was wondering if i should plant beginning in april.. i already have 3 week old plants inside under cfl's.. the weather has been off and on mostly good but then some rainy days...tell me wat u think??!!

    CrackerJax New Member

    An outdoor grow should always follow the sun. Frost is not a killer of weed. Only a hard freeze is. Simply cover them at night and you will have no problems. If you live up north (I do not) it is especially important to get the most out of the light cycle.

    out. :blsmoke:

    7th1der Well-Known Member

    Does this go for the Mid Atlantic Region of the United states?

    The sim's Bob Newbie

    The sim's Bob Newbie Well-Known Member

    Like it man - +rep to ya!

    (Turns out I estimated it right anyway!)

    ngrace Active Member

    Ok I dont get, plant now in Australia which is currently 12 hours of daylight, 14-16 hours over November-Feb, when will it flower and harvest?

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