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When does a seedling enter the vegatative stage?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Heads Up, May 17, 2009.


    skunkluvr Well-Known Member

    Genetics play a HUGE part in how dense the buds turn out. Some strains perform extremely well under floros, others just don't generally do well under any kind of indoor lighting. With bagseed, it's all about experimentation. Thin out the strains that don't turn out good and keep the ones that do and propegate them.

    I'm running 1000W HID lighting and will come across strains (like Northern Lights X Haze) that just don't do well indoors. When it comes down to it, there is no such thing as an indoor strain as ALL of it originated outdoors in the first place, but there are many strains out there that just work better outside.

    johnnysacoseeds Active Member

    Looks like the next biggest thing you have to look forward to is enjoying those ladies, then you can die. Looking good!
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    My partner is growing Crystal. A cross of Northern Lights and White Widow, we'll see what happens.

    We intend on crossing our plants. We have thc bomb, caramelicious, crystal and mazar going. He has a grow tent in his shed so we can put the males seperate from the females with no danger of accidental pollination.

    It's all one big ongoing experiment anyway. My only goal is to have enough to keep me from having to buy off the streets in between grows. Our grow are about three weeks apart so it helps extend our harvest.
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    skunkluvr Well-Known Member

    I can certainly share some knowledge when it comes to genectics, I did quite an experiment myself over the last year. You can absolutely never have to buy smoke again, I'm going on 1 year without ever having to pay for it.

    Genetics are tricky, be prepared to invest a LOT of time (like generations). What basically happens when you cross 2 strains is that the resulting hybrids are split. Most of one half will ehibit traits of one of the 2 strains, and most of the other half will exhibit traits of the other strain. A select few will be true hybrids and exhibit favorable traits of both strains. THESE are the ones you want to propegate. After a few generations of interbreeding the true hybrids, then you will end up with a stable new strain. Your first generation of seeds will be a total crap-shoot, you have to wait until they are mature enough to tell what traits they will exhibit.

    My experiment in genetics was one of the biggest disapointments of my growing hobby. I crossed my original bagseed from my first grow (avatar pic is of her) with a strain called Ice. We named the resulting strain Jack Frost and it was looking SO tasty right up to about 28 days of flowering. Just about then I noticed pollen sacks everywhere. Every single plant that was from those seeds turned into a hermaphrodite. Now I have the resulting seeds from the plants that self-polinated and there is a chance that those are feminized seeds, or all hermies again. I haven't sprouted any since-got too discouraged. Here is the link to the journal on "Jack Frost":


    Don't let me discourage you from playing God on your own, I've just decided to stay with clones of proven strains for now. I just want anyone that is thinking about crossing strains to know what a significant time investment it is.

    Fantastic looking grow BTW!! Flouros rule, I use a 150W CFL in my clone closet and they love it-lots of nodes and branching.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    I thought seedling stage lasted 3 to 4 weeks before reaching veg stage that is not true
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    Newest pics.

    One caramelicious female out of two started. Two thc bomb females out of four started and three female bagseed out of three started. One thc bomb and one caramelicious male are now in a grow tent to keep them away from the females, they are in a shed outside, awaiting pollen to start shedding so we can collect it for pollinating the lower buds. My partner is growing crystal, mazar and some bagseed. We will also seclude some of his males for the same purpose.

    On to the new pics. Officially counted yesterday as day one of flowering. Enjoy
    journey smok3r

    journey smok3r New Member

    all of your plants look great dude
    keep them healthy and strong
    but i would recommend starting 12/12 when they reach 8 inches

    samljer Active Member

    Generally its in Seedling stage till its about put up its first 5 bladed leaf.
    this is of course strain dependant and youll know what it hits veg stage
    when growth suddenly doubles in speed.

    it is NOT veg as soon as it breaks through soil.
    Its a seedling, and will remain as one for a week or two while it main focus is rooting.

    NightTrain Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a great thread, Heads up with some amazingly green healthly looking plants and lots of good people putting in good info, I am sad to get to the third page of this read and see that it just ended before getting very far into flowering and harvest. But anyway, thanks to the people who explained the Seedling Stage, thats how I how this thread, I was looking for more info on the seedling stage and when to really begin counting the vegative days.
    Tee Five

    Tee Five Active Member

    Im flowering Belladonnas in a t5 hydro set up. Im only in my 2nd week of flowering, but I really need to top my plants. I guess I better do it soon. Glad to meet another T5 Flowerer. You're doing much better than I am.


    Your plants are looking great! Keep it up.

    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    Some people have said on here that once they have sprouted they are in veg. But you can not treat them like a real vegged out plant for a few weeks. I mean, if you go giving a seedling that just sprouted a week ago some veggin nutrients, chances are youll over do it and kill your babys. But the plants in the op are deffinetly good to go.
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    4myself Member

    he must have died

    ltnottz91 Member

    that or hes bin realy baked for the last year lol

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