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When do you start Scroging?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by weedsley, Aug 11, 2012.


    weedsley Member

    When should I start scroging or when do you start scroging?

    I've done alot of research about Scrog and still don't quiet fully understand it. Now I may be answering my own question but I was thinking that I veg my plant till its 2 feet tall and when I start flowering I put up the screen 2 feet above my plant. is that right?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    You got it. It's all about height control and the side branches catching up to the same light exposure.

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna disagree. Scrogging should have the plant fully trained into the screen before you flower. Placing it 2' above a plant is going to do little but support the very top colas because there's no training involved.

    It depends if you want to pre-train or not. I like to top and LST to get nice wide plants before introducing them to the screen. My setup also kind of forces me to do that, since I veg in a tent then move them to flower. I veg and train them for about 4 weeks once the screen is on, until I have a nice dense canopy before flowering.

    As far as height, I've run my screen from 6-24" above the soil level, and think I'm going to stick with 10-12". It's low enough that you dont waste time growing the equivalent of 6' plants, but high enough to train and water in my setup.

    weedsley Member

    what type of yields do you usually get from doing this

    ca$hcropper Active Member

    Yield is gonna be strain dependent, size of your scrogg net too, bigger the net the bigger yield due to more space and you train plant in net during veg then flip leaving little to no net left then let en stretch for light

    weedsley Member

    yea i know this but i want to know coming from an experienced grower what kind of yields can i expect from this and would just letting my plants grow more naturally yield as much or more then scroging. I know people scrog because of space issues but do they also do it for yield.

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    What I'm getting is completely irrelevant honestly. Take a look at the link in my sig and youll see why. Plus, your answer is somewhere in there. Unless you plan on replicating that exactly, its useless to know. I'm still dialing in my setups and jsut getting my consistent strains in order, so I've had improving harvests with each run and you shouldnt gauge your possible results off my current ones. I'm now in my own version of Happy Frog and using my own schedule of mixed-company nutrients that I've come to develop, in a very uniquely set up grow area and training style. My scrog is an experiment more than anything.

    I know everyone hates getting the generic-sounding responses, but focus on getting your environment stable with the right conditions to eliminate outside stress: temps, RH(read up on VPD real quick, youll see how important it is), airflow/circulation, co2 if you choose. From there, just keep the plant green and youll get consistently solid harvests. How much exactly is going to depend on lighting, environment, training, setup, medium, health/vigor, strain. Anywhere close to 1gpw is a great harvest, as long as youre not vegging for 6 months to get it. People like to say 1gpw is the average and should pretty much be expected, but not many people are actually pulling over 2lbs from 1 light no matter what training method they use. Those that are have usually either been growing awhile or spent at least a couple grows dialing in their specific setup and routine. I'd hope for .5gpw your first couple times, itll go up from there as you tweak and improve things.

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