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When do switch to 12/12

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dj30harw, May 22, 2007.


    dj30harw Active Member

    Hey, I just planted a few seeds and they have began to sprout I was just wondering when it is best to switch the light from all the time to 12/12?

    Doctor Well-Known Member

    not yet m8 ...wait untill there growing qite well at least 5 inches... and have alternating nodes

    napps Member

    Whats the minimum amount of nodes, before u can flower?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    there is no minimum amount of nodes, but know this, the bigger and healthier the plant is before you force flowering, the bigger your yeild will be in the end.. i like to wait till i see one of two things, or maybe even both if possible.. one is like the above poster said.. as the plant matures it will stop putting out even nodes and will start to put them out unevenly.. i like to wait for this or to see signs of preflowers.. usually they happen around the same time.. or about a week or so apart in most cases..
    forcing a plant to flower earlier than it is ready is only going to reduce yeild and quality of the smoke in the end of the day...

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