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When do I plant seedlings into hydroponic set up w clay pebbles?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CherryHaze, Sep 16, 2013.


    CherryHaze Member

    Hello - I have been looking on the internet and can't find an answer to my question that I am confident enough to follow.

    I have 5 seedlings, now around an inch to two inches tall. They have germinated in Root Riot, which the shop said I can 'drop' into my pebbles (Wilma big 4 Hydro)

    Some have roots coming out the bottom, one with secondary roots off that. Some do not yet have roots protruding.

    They are on my windowsill in a propagator (I had an aphid and spider-mite risk from my chillies on the balcony so I kept the seedlings covered to be safe).

    My Grow tent (1m1m2m 600w bulb, fan and carbon filter hanging inside) will be ready this evening, was missing a bits and that's now resolved.

    When in your opinion or better experience would you plant the seedlings into the hydro system, if not already.


    CherryHaze Member

    doing it now!

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    IME plant your seedlings when the roots are protruding from the starter plugs.

    Place the dripper stakes (blue flood stakes you want to use!) quite close to the newly planted seedling.

    You shouldn't have to water much to begin with.

    Maybe 3x a day for 15mins each time.

    I highly recommend an air stone and pump for the res.


    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    As said, as soon as roots start to show from the bottom.

    CherryHaze Member

    Thanks - it's done, they look like they are standing to attention after a night of light and wilma :D I will modify the dripper, and just see what the plants ask of me. Amazing how warm it gets in there. Buying a table fan today. Got to say I am loving this :D

    CherryHaze Member

    Also ordered an air stone pump from the pet shop. Thanks Guys :D

    curiousuk Active Member

    glad i found this cause i plan to germ my auto BMs or femmed Kaia kush seeds then grow them a little in root riots so im greatful to you for posting this question i was just thinking of.

    Dont forget to keep up posted an pics would be great if you can add some.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Wait until they are 8-10 inches tall and can support themselves in an upright position. When you get ready to put the seedlings into the clay pellets half fill a 5-gallon bucket with warmish water. Gently swirl the plants' rootball in the water to dissolve away the dirt. When the dirt is gone go ahead and place the plant in the clay so that the roots point downhill. You may have best luck by putting the clay pellets into your set-up after placing the plants. Goodluck,BigSteve.

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