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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Growop101, Aug 7, 2012.

    Bonzo Mendoza

    Bonzo Mendoza New Member

    Ontario Canada or Ontario California??? (not that it really matters ...)

    Corn ripens (and the stalks die) long before MJ buds are finished flowering. If I were you, I'd go down to the local Farmers' Market and ask "When will the fresh corn be in season?"

    When I was in high school in Indiana, two kids got busted because the corn started to die off and the MJ stayed green - the lush green MJ plants were easily visible from the air.

    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    I dont abuse the land, i dont leave garbage, and i act as if nothing was ever there, dont even leave to many footprints.

    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    Why do you gotta keep being a vagina. I already stated it was a bad idea and it was my last option. I will not do this in the future. It was an emergency thing /

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I am surprised so many up tight pricks smoke/grow...he grows on someone else property because he probably has to..half the members on this site have done it..so what?..depends on if it is human sweet corn or cattle corn..cattle corn ..you should be fine..maybe pick a week early just to be safe...if human corn? maybe ave to pick 3 weeks early...good luck...if you pos pics of the corn..there are people who can tell if it is feed corn or human corn.

    BBB1974 Active Member

    I'm in Ontario too and if I were you I'd get that out of there sooner than later. It's been a very dry summer here so I'd think they would be harvesting their crops earlier than normal. I believe cattle corn stays in the field longer than corn we eat (which started in July) so I'd say you only have 2-4 weeks left to transplant to your pots. But why even take that risk, get it out asap.

    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    So i got some work done tonight. i went in and put some of the girls in large containers. Watered them heavily and just left em there for the time being until i figure out where to put them. Ill try to get some pictures.
    And also i took a cob and boiled it tongiht. It tastes very pastey and not good, so im def thinking its cattle corn, But it looks exactly like regular human corn. Not sure . oh well i got em in containers and i dont think i hurt the roots to bad, although the one was like 5 feet tall almost, she got a little root trim lol. Any ill stay posted, thanks for the feed back.

    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    Ontario canada sun

    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    Yep it has been dry, but the sun has been great if you able to water weekly or even every couple days.

    Pissinyourtropicana Active Member

    Nowadays all commercial corn is round up ready so I wouldn't be surprised if your hit got hit. Sometimes they don't harvest cow corn till late winter.

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you don't consider it "abuse", but consider how happy the farmer is going to be when black and whites show up at his barn and politely ask him with a pair of silver bracelets about a plant he knows nothing about..........

    Equinox911 Well-Known Member

    When driving by a field of corn if the silk hairs look purple the corn is for human consumption if it looks yellow it is feed corn

    Trespassing and planting on some one's property is dangerous, all of the farmers that I know have guns for animal control and are protective of their land as it has been in their family for generations

    Lookwhatimblazn Active Member

    90% of the fields here were already cut due to drought.... One of my buddy lost 17 plants when they cut down the massave fields behind his house lol I thought it was funy cuz I told him it was gonna happen

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    I am VERY SORRY, but any FUCK who grows on someones elses property without their knowledge is a VERY SORRY FUCK...... these are the people who give quiet, simple cannabis lovers a bad name..... I hope you get caught !!

    HippySmoke Active Member

    I agree it is not the most polite option but I would like to bring up the concept of plausible deniability. If I have 50 Hectares and somewheres on the edge of my property the leo finds a few reefer plants (not a field just a few) if the property owner legitimately was not growing it there would not be enough evidence for conviction because of plausible deniablity or the legal version of "I didn't know" or as some call it the ignorance clause. Not to downplay your opinion which I find understandable and trespass is a dangerous offense on top of that, but to impose ones morality on others in such a manner as to wish they spent time in a correctional institution... well a bit off putting. Not to be offensive or personal it's just is there perhaps a more amiable way to present the point?

    I'm done now, interesting thread for amusement upon the concept if nothing else. Now I wonder if there's weed in my canned corn...

    azryda420 Active Member

    lol I knew the corn would come to a close and this grow would go bad. Just a heads up kid, cattle corn is going to look dead, they let it dry out then they cut it and grind it. Another thing too, if there are any migrant workers, picking the corn? Mexicans do not take kindly to marijuana. It is cartel shit, and in mexican culture, only losers and dope attics smoke mota. In other words, them mexicans will uproot and chuck your plants and not think twice. Especially a white farmer finding out that someone was poaching their land for a grow.

    Pick a better spot next time. You learned a lesson here.

    LaosUnited Well-Known Member

    I'm a farmer and my dogs are trained to sniff out the MJ and guess what I AM THE ONE who not only take but will harvest and smoke it... kids just don't get why their plants always go missing I entertain the idea of planting on my property because its a win win situation for me.

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